DIY Mama! Homemade Halloween Costumes! Would You Like To Be Featured?

Are you a crafty mama who's having a ghoulishly good time making your child's Halloween costume?  Are you dying to share your creative side with the world?  Would you like to take a stab at having your talents displayed on My Tales From The Crib?

Alright, alright, you get the point. 

I am featuring some talented mama's who are willing to treat us all by giving up their tricks on how they made their child's costume. If this is you and you'd like to be featured on the My Tales From The Crib - DIY Mama!  Homemade Halloween Costumes (2012 segment), then submit your pics and info to me by Friday, October 26, 2012 (evening-ish) for a chance to be featured on our blog!

Here's what I'll need from you:

  • A list of the stuff you bought and a list of the stuff you made.
  • A brief "How To" list on the stuff you made.
  • A few pictures of the costume and one with your child* wearing it. (*Optional)
  • A little back story behind the costume. Who's idea was it and why?
  • Follow my blog.  You could win a FREE coffee if you do. 
  • Email me the info by Friday, October 26, 2012 (evening-ish) to be considered. 

P.S. Ladies, it DOES NOT have to be from this year!  Heck, it can even be from when YOU were a kid!  Just get the info from mom.  Or if it was me and my bro it involved tin foil, wire coat hangers, paper bags from Ralph's and permanent markers cuz...uh... my brother and I were lame. haha. Actually we had really cute costumes as kids and they were pretty much all homemade because no one really bought costumes in the 80's. At least we didn't!  I think my brother was a "soccer player" for about 3+ years in a row. All different colors from all different teams and of course he wore his cleats leaving mud and grass pods all up and down the block!  LOL!  Epic costume choice, Shaun! The neighbors loved it!  haha!

Hmmm....that could be fun...I'll have to dig up some old pics!  ;-)

Annnnnnyway... back to the blog post.

Here is an example post of our current DIY Mama!  Homemade Halloween Costumes: "The Tooth Fairy."

***Please note that it does not have to be this elaborate. My friend Karina, (aka Mama Tooth Fairy) is a professional. Seriously, she's insanely crafty and talented and her attention to detail will make you weep. Do not attempt a post like this at home!  I repeat, "Do not attempt a post like this at home!" 

All kidding aside, it seriously does not have to be this fancy!  It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Wait til you see my personal DIY Halloween Costume post. The Tooth Fairy will put me to shame for sure. 

Have a fun, safe and Happy Halloween!

Coco Cana

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