This Is My Motherhood: Mundane Monday Morning

Nursing and nursing and nursing the baby
My life once again as full-time milk lady. 
Turning off lights
Putting out fights
Ballet today. 
Better find shoes and tights.

Reminding kids about making good choices.
Reminding kids to use inside voices.
"Everybody go outside!"
"Careful at the top of the slide!"
"Stop fighting!"
Baby's biting-
    everything in sight. 
Teeth coming in-
"Rub their gums with gin?!"
Ridiculous, crazy, outdated advice!
Found out that our playgroup has lice.

Springtime breakfast picnic outside. 
From the bathroom I'm aware the baby just cried. 

...Another fish died?

Mama doing chore after chore. 
"Be as loud as you guys want as long as you close the door!"
Laundry and dishes piled up to ceilings
Reminding me of those PPD feelings. 

Buying food, 
     prepping food, 
          cooking food,
               serving food,
                    "Eat your food."
                    “I don’t want food.”
               clearing food, 
          storing food, 
     freezing food, 
wiping up food. 

"...Mama, I'm hungry."

“I’m too hot.” 
“I’m too cold.” 
“This tag is scratchy.” 
“My bread has mold.” 

“We need more milk.” 
Always running out of milk. 
Over the years I've produced millions of gallons of milk, but
"Who drank all the milk?!”

"He's laughing too loud!"
"She's breathing my air!"
"He looked out my window!"
"You're not playing fair!"

"Mommy, will daddy be home from work soon?"
I could swear it was 3 but its not even noon. 
Kids are fighting, 
baby's drooling and biting, 
Mother's Day flowers dying
"Did you break that?"
"She did it!"
"No I didn't, he's lying!"

Nursing and nursing and nursing once again. 

Thinking of rubbing my own gums with gin. 

-Colleen Duncan Canavan

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  1. I will have to write something...loved yours...sounds about like my motherhood only I am not nursing anymore and haven't been in some time. It's a living hell sometimes this motherhood thing...but man so rewarding with love and giggles. Thanks for sharing this with me at #momstermondays!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! Yes, I agree! Some days the kids are terrible and you feel like it's never gonna end then they fall asleep at night and you're like, "look at those perfect angels sleeping!" Haha! It's tough, but worth it because they brighten our world!

  2. Love this - really well written! #momstermondays

    1. Thank you for the kind words Debbie! I appreciate your sweet comment! I'll be sure to check out your blog too.

  3. Very poetic. This is so typical "Mummy day's" lol My child is growing now so I'm also out of the infant/toddler stage but Loved your descriptions. Angela x

    Angela recently posted "Helping young children develop writing skills through play"

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment, Angela! The infant/toddler days do go fast, don't they? We're right back there with our new little guy and I'm really trying to savor each moment because he's baby #3 and I know all too well how quickly it goes.

  4. You made my Friday Top 5 :)

    1. Thank you very much for including me in your list! How wonderful! I feel honored. Thank you!

  5. Loved reading this, and I definitely have days that feel this long and repetitive. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll have to start working on my own now #WeekendBlogHop

  6. Absolutely brilliant! LOVED it. I remember these days and your last line totally sums it all up. :)

  7. Anonymous25 May

    Brilliant! All this to look forward too....sob.


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