Juicing with Mommy A.K.A "The Veggie Sneaker!"

I love my juicer.  Or I should say, "I LOOOOOOOOOOVE MY JUICER!!!!!" because that is how I really feel about it.

Today I made Watermelon Juice and it was a big hit. However, I didn't really mention exactly what was in it.  If I did that I knew I wouldn't get many takers. Including the big kid of the family - my husband!

This is how I made our breakfast Watermelon Juice: (Everything went in raw with skins on unless otherwise noted.)

Watermelon (Several large slices - remove rind)
2 handfuls of chopped up organic Kale*
1 1/2 small organic Zucchini
1 large organic Cucumber
1/2 organic Bell Pepper (orange)
2 large stalks of organic Celery and 2 small (with leaves still on)
4 large organic Carrots 

This made enough juice for my husband to take some to work in a large travel mug, the kids each had about 1/2 of a sippy cup worth and I had about 16+ oz over ice.  Everyone thought it was pretty yummy!  Kale* is a bit hard for us to eat raw since it's very strong in flavor so we are only using a bit of it at first to ease into it.  It's very good for you though so I try to add it into all of my juices, but if I put too much it overpowers it and no one drinks it, including me.  Trader Joe's finally has a prepackaged, washed and chopped up bag of raw organic kale so this is what I got the other day and I've been really happy with it since I can just reach in and take a handful. 

A Note On Using Organics: Since I'm not removing any skins for my juice except for the watermelon rind I like to use as much organic produce as possible to reduce the amount of pesticides and harmful chemicals we're ingesting.  
Buying Guide: When buying organic produce I tend to follow the Dirty Dozen list that was put out by EWG (Environmental Working Group) who tested each fruit and veg on the list to see which ones contain the most pesticide residue. You can print out this list and keep it in your purse or wallet so you'll always have it with you at the store or farmers market.  According to the EWG website, "You can lower your pesticide intake substantially by avoiding the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables and eating the least contaminated produce."  
What is the #1 most contaminated fruit on the list? Apples! 
Farmers Markets: It's important to know too that not all produce at the farmers market is organic. To be sure you are buying and paying for organic produce, you need to ask each stand before you buy. I always try to ask the farmer who owns the stand if they are there, or the manager of the stand as they are your best bet in getting an honest answer regarding the produce. 

Be sure to buy a rainbow of colors and don't forget your reusable bags!  

Happy Juicing!

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Calling All Organized Moms! Please Share Your Secrets!

The number one complaint I hear from other moms (as well as myself) is, "I can't ever get anything done!"  So I've decided to put together a list of tips to help mom's like you and me get some new moves to help us achieve some sense of order to our daily lives as mothers of young children. Some of us are better than others at achieving this goal on a daily basis and I'm well aware of my limitations, so I am looking for Organized Moms to spill the beans about how to keep everything in balance.  We're looking for your best tips and tricks to getting through the day, getting it all done and still having time left over to have a few minutes for yourself.  

What's that you say?  Time for yourself?....do I hear laughter coming from the other side of the computer screen?  

I realize this picture of "balanced mom perfection" is impossible to achieve on a daily basis (at least for me it is), so think about your most organized days and let us in on your secrets as to how you were able to pull that off!

  • Do you wake up a few hours before the kids to get ready for the day?  
  • Do you make several meals at once or order take-out once a week to save on prep/cooking time?  
  • Do you clean and organize after the kids have gone to bed?  
  • Do you hire a sitter every once in a while so you can get things done or just take a break?  
  • Do you do your shopping during the weekends so hubby can stay home to watch the kids while you run errands? 
  • If you work outside of the home do you run errands on your lunch break?  
  • Does your husband cook, clean or share the bulk of the chores?  

What are your best kept Organized Mom Secrets?

Please feel free to share your tips here on this blog in the comments section, on our facebook page or you can email me your tips.  Those are the best ways for me to be sure to see your comments. Otherwise, I'll do my best to track down all FB comments and post them in a future article for us all to benefit from!  Be sure to follow this blog so you don't miss out on any of our Organized Mom Tips and pass this along to all of the organized moms in your life so they can share with us too!  

Are you UBER Organized and want to be featured on our blog?  For those of you who feel that being an organized mom is an art form (you know who you are!) and you want to share more of your wisdom please email me your story as I will be looking for organized moms to feature in upcoming blog articles!  


Top 10 Things Your Baby's Daddy Wants To Add To The Registry

(This was written in 2012 for the Mom365 Baby Registry)
Top Ten Things Your Baby's Daddy Wants To Add To The Registry

Ahhh, The baby registry. You once again get to comb the store isles with a gun zapper searching for all of the things you "MUST HAVE!"  Only this time instead of thinking you are a Kardashian scanning the barcodes of fancy $95 a plate china, $400 espresso machines, and $150 sheet sets (600 thread count, of course) like you did for your wedding registry you and your man are trying to figure out what all of this stuff is, how you are supposed to use it and what you are actually going to need for the tiny baby growing inside of you. Bassinets, breastpumps and baby books oh my!  And let's face it, is your guy really helping?  Read on to find out what he wants to put on the registry and why....

1. A boppy. You nod in agreement until he says, “that would make an awesome neck pillow on the airplane!”

2. A new drill. “Since I'm gonna be putting a lot of things together.”

3. An ipad. “For reading books to the baby.”

4. A race car bed. Then he asked the salesman, “Can I get this in a California King?”

5. A foos ball table.  After noticing the expression on your face he says, “What?...you said you wanted the baby to be athletic.”

6. The Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-Ray. “So I can start educating the baby on 'the classics.'

7. John Deer Tractor. When you gave him 'the look' he said, “oh...I mean, the kid-sized one.”

8. A shot gun. “Since we're having twin girls I know I'm gonna need one someday.”

9. Zombie Survival Kit. “You said you wanted to be prepared, right?”

10. A Camo Diaper Dude. “For daddy's day out with baby so mama can sleep in.” (Awww! This one got him a big kiss right in the diaper bag isle!)

Please share your registry story.  Were there any ridiculous requests coming from the peanut gallery or were you guys actually on the same page with some stuff?

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