The Only Boy In Dance Class

My name is Bayman and I love to dance!  My parents say I was born with rhythm in my bones, a song in my heart and a bounce in my step. My mom even says I was tap dancing while I was growing in her belly! But how in the world did I get tap shoes on when I was inside her belly is what I want to know?! Do they even make tap shoes that small?

When I was two years old and full of energy my mom took me to my first tap and ballet class. I loved it!  I walked in and saw the wide open floor and the mirrors and the ballet bar and the great music and the lights and the cool shoes and I thought, where has this class been all my life? I never wanted to leave. My tap shoes were so loud and I got to stomp, stomp, stomp around like a dinosaur. My ballet shoes were so quiet I got to leap, leap, leap through the air like a ninja and no one could even hear me coming. I was so excited to meet some other boys in ballet who also wanted to stomp like dinosaurs and leap like ninjas, but I was the only boy in my class. Even though I wished there were more boys, it didn't matter, I still loved going. While all of the girls are wearing pink tutus and leotards I got to wear my favorite camo shorts and motorcycle t-shirt. Just something comfortable I could move my body in, Miss Cristina said. Sometimes I even wore a funny T-shirt that looked like I was wearing a tuxedo and bow tie, or suspenders and red bow tie that my mom got me if I wanted to be extra dressed up. I choose black leather ballet shoes and tap shoes that look like fancy dress shoes you'd wear to a wedding. But they aren't fancy wedding shoes at all because they are secret noise makers once you get on the wood dance floor.  I actually got to stomp and make noise and I didn't even get in trouble for it and no one told me to be quite. I think that is my favorite part.

The classical music we dance to for ballet was so relaxing for my wild body I got to twirl, jump and stretch my body until the calmness came over me.  The music we listened to for tap was so happy and fun, I got to tap, tap, tappity-tap my energy right out onto the floor. Miss Cristina even let us bring our favorite stuffed lovie to class for the Teddy Bear dance where we hugged, twirled and rocked our animals to sleep. My favorite part of the class was when we had our rainbow fabrics that we would ball up and toss into the sky and watch it was gently floated down to our open arms where we would then leap all around the classroom holding our ribbons like kites as it flew behind us. Actually my favorite part of the class was when we got the hula hoops out and set them on the floor and would jump from hoop to hoop like quite ninjas in our ballet shoes not making a single peep and at the end we got to take a bow. I had a different bow from the girls because I am a boy and the boys bow like fancy knights bowing for the king and queen. Then we would do all sorts of hula hoop tricks. Wait, I think my favorite part of the class was when we changed into our tap shoes and we shuffle-ball-kicked our way across the floor in a funky rhythm.

Then my favorite part of ballet and tap was getting a sticker and a hug from Miss Cristina after class. But my very favorite part was when she said, I'll see you next week because then I knew I got to do it all over again!  I sure do love my tap and ballet class!  Even if I am the only boy in class.

Written by Colleen Canavan
Instagram: @naturemama3

The Barefoot Boys

The barefoot boys like to have snacks together.
The barefoot boys like to play cars together.
The barefoot boys like to hum the same songs. Sometimes together and sometimes different songs at the same time.
The barefoot boys can turn anything into a musical instrument and start a band.
The barefoot boys like to play wooden blocks together.
The barefoot boys like to play balancing games together.
Baby barefoot likes to copy big barefoot, especially when he puts a bucket on his head.
The barefoot boys like to ride scooters, bikes, motorcycles, skateboards and basically anything with wheels.
The barefoot boys like to play basketball, hit golf balls, throw baseballs, kick soccer balls and basically do anything with a ball.
The barefoot boys like to take tubs full of bubbles.
The barefoot boys like to explore nature together.
The barefoot boys like to build castles of sand, build towers of blocks, build mountains of pillows, build forts out of furniture, and basically just build anything from anything.
The barefoot boys like to play baby dolls, they like to rock, feed and put their baby's to sleep, they like to give their baby dolls a tub and change their clothes and give them a fresh diaper after they poop or pee, they like to play kitchen, they like to help clean up the house, they like to play school where big barefoot teaches baby barefoot everything he knows and basically they like to play anything that will help make them good daddies someday.
The barefoot boys like to play dress up together and put on puppet shows and have tea parties with their stuffed animals.
The barefoot boys like to make up dance routines together, take dance class together and stomp around in their tap shoes making as much noise as possible. They also like to dance hip hop and be B-Boys.
The barefoot boys like to swim and swim and swim.
The barefoot boys like to run and run and run.
The barefoot boys like to sing and dance and have fun, fun, fun.

The barefoot boys also like to sit quietly together with their arms around each other and holding each other tight forever - as only brothers can.

Baby Barefoot (2 years old) Big Barefoot (6 years old)

Written by Colleen Canavan
Instagram: @naturemama3

Ode To My Espresso Machine

You saved my life during those early days of postpartum depression -
instant rewards for my dedicated repetition.
Your shiny square body distorting my face.
The only reflection I recognized.
Tiny cups collecting your liquid gold
Lacy chocolate ruffles clinging to the cup as I pour.
The color of Happiness.
The pungent smell of sunshine.
The protector of the sugar - holding it in each drop.
Your steam like an old black and white movie -
far off train whistle
pushing me closer to my destination.
The joy and anticipation of a relaxation vacation.
Toddler fights and baby cries became muted by the scream of your steam.
Tight white foam flows into your muddy lava bringing you to life
while bringing me back from the dead.
I am a life giver, but you, you my dear are a life savor -
All $350 dollars of you.

Written by Colleen Canavan
Instagram: @naturemama3


Being Grateful After A Rough Year

2016 hasn't exactly been a picnic. I'm a bit terrified for 2017 to be honest. The days following January 20, 2017 to be exact. Not that things were perfect before - nothing is ever perfect. But I'm especially afraid for what is to come. The night of the election I wrote this: How Do I Explain This To My Children? and I still feel the same way.

Anyway, I'm making myself sit here and find 12 things I'm grateful for from last year because I need to focus on the positive and put in the effort to move forward and find the peace within me for myself and for my children.

1. I'm grateful that we have gotten rain. We live in Southern California and we are in a really bad drought and we desperately need rain. So grateful for the rain!

2. I'm grateful that a site like Ancestry.com exists because we have finally found more information about my dad's side of the family. He grew up in an abusive, broken home and spending quality time with family and relatives telling stories about the old days and keeping track of who was who wasn't really what they did. I was actually able to trace back to the late 1600's and find full-blooded Cherokee Indians in our bloodline. My 9th Great Grandmother was an amazing Cherokee woman who I could actually read about on google!! Her name was Quatsy of Tellico (of the Wolf Clan) and one of her sons was a man called Standing Turkey (Old Hop) who also has fascinating stories about him.

3. I'm grateful for rainy, gloomy, lazy post-holiday weekend days where the whole family is home and I'm sitting around writing, still in jammies, drinking lattes all day long which is perfectly acceptable on a day like this.

4. I'm grateful for summer beach days with friends or with family. Where we get there early and spend the day digging in the sand, finding crabs hiding out on the pier pilings, boogie boarding in the waves, drying off to eat a sandwich and maybe catching a small cat nap on a towel in the sun. After a long day of beaching it up I'm always grateful for our favorite Mexican restaurant next to the pier where we spend the evening eating tacos and eating chips and salsa reminiscing about our beach day while planning the next one.

5. I'm grateful for kids who crack themselves up silly while watching cartoons. Those days pass quickly, so it's fun to hear kids being kids who enjoy slapstick comedy like only a kid can.

6. I'm grateful for holidays filled with yummy homemade food made from recipes that have been passed down, lots of family who share funny stories, (even if they are the same funny stories year after year), kids running through the house and even the happiness and calmness when everyone gets the heck out at the end of the evening so I can finally decompress!

7. I'm grateful for dancing babies. Especially my own who will dance to any music, any time of the day or night. Even in his sleep.

8. I'm grateful for my sweet 6 year old child when I see him playing on the playground just before I pick him up from school and I observe him being a good friend to others and a helper to his teachers - even though he doesn't know I'm watching him. There isn't anything better than watching your child enjoy their childhood.

9. I'm grateful for my daughter. She is an amazing big sister (most of the time - I mean she is human after all!) and she has such a caring heart and a sweet, spunky soul. I love watching her create art because she enjoys it so much and she has really become such a great little artist at only 8 years old. I hope to collaborate with her someday on a children's book and have her be my illustrator. I also love to see her interacting with animals. She has a real gift when it comes to animals.

10. I'm grateful for my husband who is on this crazy journey with me, who makes me laugh daily and who is always doing funny accents to crack us up. He's a great dad, a great husband and a hard worker. And we both share the same crazy dream of being organic farmers someday too. We already have the house full of animals. Our 8 and 1/2 year old daughter, our 6 year old son and his 2 year old toddler brother who is like 10 animals in one.

Happy New Year! Be safe and please call a cab or an Uber as opposed to driving drunk. My husband lost his very best friend 11 years ago this January due to a drunk driver hitting him and killing him. He was only 31 years old. I hope the coming year is good to you and your family. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to practice more gratitude. Especially during this year of the "terrible two's." As I type, my 2 year old is currently face down, crying uncontrollably, feet kicking while he's screaming because daddy put his favorite chair back at the kid table and he wanted it at the kitchen table, even though you can't see him at all when he's sitting in it because the table is too tall....Oh wait, now he's running in the other room laughing at a ball his big brother just threw. Thank goodness for the easily distracted toddler! All is right with the world.

Unless you move the chair again. #momlife


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I'm grateful for having an entire beach to ourselves!

Family day at the beach.


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Coco Cana


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