Top 10 Things Your Baby's Daddy Wants To Add To The Registry

(This was written in 2012 for the Mom365 Baby Registry)
Top Ten Things Your Baby's Daddy Wants To Add To The Registry

Ahhh, The baby registry. You once again get to comb the store isles with a gun zapper searching for all of the things you "MUST HAVE!"  Only this time instead of thinking you are a Kardashian scanning the barcodes of fancy $95 a plate china, $400 espresso machines, and $150 sheet sets (600 thread count, of course) like you did for your wedding registry you and your man are trying to figure out what all of this stuff is, how you are supposed to use it and what you are actually going to need for the tiny baby growing inside of you. Bassinets, breastpumps and baby books oh my!  And let's face it, is your guy really helping?  Read on to find out what he wants to put on the registry and why....

1. A boppy. You nod in agreement until he says, “that would make an awesome neck pillow on the airplane!”

2. A new drill. “Since I'm gonna be putting a lot of things together.”

3. An ipad. “For reading books to the baby.”

4. A race car bed. Then he asked the salesman, “Can I get this in a California King?”

5. A foos ball table.  After noticing the expression on your face he says, “What? said you wanted the baby to be athletic.”

6. The Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-Ray. “So I can start educating the baby on 'the classics.'

7. John Deer Tractor. When you gave him 'the look' he said, “oh...I mean, the kid-sized one.”

8. A shot gun. “Since we're having twin girls I know I'm gonna need one someday.”

9. Zombie Survival Kit. “You said you wanted to be prepared, right?”

10. A Camo Diaper Dude. “For daddy's day out with baby so mama can sleep in.” (Awww! This one got him a big kiss right in the diaper bag isle!)

Please share your registry story.  Were there any ridiculous requests coming from the peanut gallery or were you guys actually on the same page with some stuff?

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  1. I will take a race car bed in California king too lol :) What a great post idea :) I loved reading it! Thank you for linking on #wineandboobs

  2. Do you get to sleep in? If so I'm off to buy one of those bags for my husband even though we don't carry around a diaper bag anymore.


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