This Is My Motherhood: Capturing The Moments Of Motherhood With A New Baby

I'm sitting in my rocking chair. The rocking chair that has helped me nourish my 5 month old baby almost every day of his life. This rocking chair has become a part of my body. This is where my kids find me when they wake up in the morning. This is where my husband kisses me as he's leaving for work. This is where he finds me when he comes home for lunch and then again when he comes home for dinner. This is where I try to find ways to heal my PPD. Every sleepless night, during all of the cluster feedings, all of the growth spurts, the colic, the colic and the colic - my little nursling and me. My comfortable rocking chair.

The kids are 7, 4 & a half and 5 months old. I'm exhausted and This Is My Motherhood:

Rocking chair sitting tall
Breast pads in big boxes
Big breasts in worn out nursing bras.
Breastfeeding pillow on the ottoman
          That gets thrown to the floor by kids...
Cooling Hydrogel Breast Pads
          'cause damn, it can hurt!
Humming, bubbling fish tank that used to hold three...sadly, down to one.
          The fighther. He's in good company 'round here.
Pictures of my children smiling back at me. Talking to me. Reminding me of their sweetness that day.
          No comment.
Hand lotion, throat drops & chap stick -
          Breastfeeding sucks you dry!
Water bottle that can't get refilled enough. Never enough.
          More ice please!
Coffee cup. My favorite that holds handmade decaf hazelnut lattes - when I get the time.
          Somedays I never get the time...
Non-perishable snacks in plastic containers that sometimes dub as my breakfast.
          Usually dub as my breakfast...
Baby clippers, baby socks, baby blankets & burpie cloths.
My phone, of course.
A novel that is collecting dust.
A children's book that gets opened daily.
Big box of Kleenex to wipe up tears, spit-up, kid boogers, baby drool, runny noses and mama tears.
          We have those too. Sometimes more than babies.
Every remote to every device in the room, especially the fan.
          Tiny bodies are like tiny heaters. 
Amber teething necklace to ease achey babies.
Camera to capture it all - this beautiful, messy life I have.

...oh and a pile of laundry just whining, begging and throwing tantrums to be folded.
          But let's be honest here - it's more of a "family dresser that sits on the couch" at this point.

This is my motherhood.


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  1. This is a great post. It made me think of the endless days I spent in the rocker nursing my baby. It's a closeness only a mother and a baby know, but it is also nice to be out of the stage where you at required 24/7. I can for sure relate 😊

    1. Thank you for reading! It is a very special time. Looking back on the last 5 months (my little guy is still new), I have to say that even though the middle of the night feedings were hard, I do treasure that time when the house was quiet and it was just me and baby boy sharing a sweet moment together. It goes by so fast! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. All I can say is thy I feel for you. My wife and I had the same experience. Not so much me as her and I did everything I could to help but it seems like never enough. I really applaud mothers and their ability to put up with pretty much anything. Bravo and I wish they gave awards for it because mothers you definitely deserve one.

    3. Thank you Adam! I really appreciate you reading and sharing your kind words. It's dads like you (my hubs is the same) who really make this parenting thing bearable. I appreciate the team work I see with so many couples because that is how it should be. Parenting tiny humans is hard! We can only do our best and when we have help and support we can do even better!
      Keep being awesome!

  2. What a fab post! I just wish our nursery was big enough for a nursing chair! Michelle from

    1. Me too! My nursing chair is in the living room. Which is fine because then I can catch up on all of my shows on Hulu during those middle of the night feedings! Thanks for stopping by to comment!


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