This Is My Motherhood: Mother's Day Inspired Writing Prompt

In honor of Mother's Day coming up on May 10th, I have decided to write a few blog post writing prompts to inspire other bloggers to write about their experiences of motherhood. If you are a dad blogger I'd like to invite you to write about your experiences with fatherhood and/or a post honoring the mothers in your life. Make sure to use the hashtags below so we can read your post!


The first writing prompt is a simple poem type format (although there is no real format, really) - let's call it a list type of format where you list the things that surround you right now that capture the stage of motherhood you are currently in. Here's mine.

You could be surrounded by baby clothes, kids toys and piles of dishes.

You could be surrounded by backpacks, homework and school books.

You could be surrounded by sports equipment, drivers permits and college applications.

You could be surrounded by your grandchildren's toys and overnight bags because they are visiting.

Wherever you are right now and wherever you usually write your blog posts, I'd like you to look around and list the things you see that remind you of where you and your children are right now.

If you are out getting coffee alone (lucky you!) you might write about what it feels like to have a much needed break. Maybe you saw the toy car or the baggie of goldfish your child left in your purse as you were reaching for you wallet.

Maybe you are in your car with a napping toddler because that is the only way you can get some peace in the afternoon (I've been there!) So maybe you'll write about the things in your car or diaper bag.

Maybe you are at work and you're pumping on your break or you can see pictures of your kids on your desk.

Maybe you're like me and you're sitting in your favorite nursing chair feeding or rocking your baby.

Be sure to list your children's ages somewhere in the post and begin and end the blog post with:

This Is My Motherhood.

Please be sure to share and tweet and hashtag your post with:


so we can all read, comment, link, follow and share!  I will retweet every post with the hastags! I promise! You can include @coco_cana and comment here with a link to your blog post so I'll be sure to see it!  I will choose my favorite post to feature on our blog in a special Mother's Day post.

Have fun capturing your moments of motherhood!

Here's mine: This Is My Motherhood: Capturing The Moments Of Motherhood With A New Baby

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