UPDATED - Happy Fall! Who Wants A FREE Pumpkin Spice Latte?


I know you want me.

OK, you're right, I went there. No shame.

Raffle Time!

I have a $5.00 Starbucks gift card with someone's name on it for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, in honor of my absolute favey fall drink.

OK, OK, you can get whatever you want. Salted Caramel Mocha, Tazo Green Tea Latte, Orange Mango thingy...whateves.

How to enter:

Simply follow my blog.  Click on the "join" button to the right of the blog under, "The Christmas Card List" to do so. You can even use your google account now too. Then comment on this blog post to let me know you'd like to enter the raffle and after 25 total blog followers (I know, sad huh?...) I will pick a winner and announce it on my blog, my facebook page as well as on my twitter.

If you get a friend to follow too I'll enter you twice!  Three for three...you get the picture.

Already a blog follower?  THANK YOU first of all - and second, you can join my twitter or facebook page to enter.

I'll be doing Mom Of The Month stories soon too, so be sure to become a blog follower even if you don't like coffee so you can join in on all the fun!

Alrighty then I think my editor is going to pull the plug if I plug anything else.

And thanks for reading and following. I hope I bring some small ray of sunshine to your blog reading enjoyment.

Alrighty folks, I've decided to do my coffee raffle early!  Woo Hoo!  I will be throwing all 15 names into a hat and picking a winner on Friday afternoon!  (October 26th.) Are you one of the 15 names I'll be choosing from? To enter, you'll need to be a follower on the My Tales From The Crib Blog. So if you are on my facebook page or if you are following me on twitter but not yet a follower on the actual blog, make sure you click the "Join" button by Friday morning for a chance to win a FREE coffee! Who doesn't like free?  Thanks for following!

Have a fun, safe and Happy Halloween!

Coco Cana

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  1. I click in your link and it didnt work, I havent logged in in ages and I cant find the "follow" button :(

    1. I just changed around the whole look of my blog so it will be easier to find. To the right of the post you'll see a spot to join, "The Christmas Card List" ;-) Click that and you're all set. Thanks for letting me know, Karina!

  2. I am a follower now!!! this time it worked, lol...and even tho I am not a pumkin fan, I'll take a free starbucks any day hehe

    1. looks like I am a follower with my other account, if only I could remember the email and password to that one, lol

    2. Not a pumpkin fan? What? Ok...we can still be friends! lol

    3. Oh, and I think you joined the first time way back from the IAP days, so that's probably why you can't remember your password, haha.

  3. Anonymous18 October

    Follower via Karina Leal Best of luck with your new blog...btw, love Starbucks :)

    1. Hi Kristine, welcome! I love Starbuck's too! ;-)

      Thanks for sharing the love Karina. I'll put 2 tickets in the raffle for you!

  4. Anonymous18 October

    Follower Via Karina Leal. Best of luck with your blog...btw I love Starbucks :)

  5. Anonymous18 October

    Thank you Karina for sharing your friends Blog with me. You know how much I LOVE Starbucks,lol... I am happy to follow, Hi Coco Cana.

    1. Hi, thank you for joining fellow Starbuck's fan!

      Karina, that makes 3 tickets in the raffle for you! ;-)

  6. Oh and ladies, since you're friends with Karina, please stay tuned for an upcoming post...You're going to love it!

    That's all I'm going to say! heehee

  7. that pumpkin spice latte is mine!


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