Listening To The Whispers Of Your Heart. A Letter To My Children.

A letter to my children about turning life's lemons into lemonade and about finding your true passions in life. Listen to your mother and read this when you are feeling down.  Mama loves you.  xo

My precious Kiddie Cats,

When life gives us physical or mental pain to deal with and process and heal from, it also gives us time to reflect on stronger days. During this reflection we have the opportunity to either focus on all of the bad, or choose to scrape past the darkness in order to see the light - even if it takes longer than we'd like. Don't give up. Don't ever give up. We have to believe there is light or else the darkness will become too great and may pull us down deeper forever. 

Very recently, I have started on a journey - a path to positivity. On this journey I will surround myself with the things that fill my heart with deep happiness and great joy. You of course will be there on this journey with me, for your existence in my life is the greatest most magical gift I have ever been given. Without you and daddy, my life is not complete. The quickest way to reach this path for me is through nature. When I'm surrounded by nature and beauty, sunshine and fresh air I feel my soul waking up trying to speak to me. My body feels alive and electric. It's time to block out the noise so I can hear it. I've been stubborn for far too long.

We have the power within us to overcome our set backs and take back the life and the joy that may have left for a while. It is OK to feel sadness when sadness comes. But it is important to seek out the happiness and focus your thoughts and energy into reaching your happiness again. Don't dwell on your sadness. Learn from it. Learn how to deal with it the next time it finds you. Today I spent a little bit of time alone breathing deeply, exhaling the negativity and looking inward as I walked along the ocean shore, toes digging into the sand and enjoying the crisp March water. I've been going to the chiropractor to deal with a recent back injury that has left me needing more help in all areas of our lives for the past month from Grammy and Daddy. When this happens as it has happened before, there is a guilt I can't describe that comes over me because I'm not able to be the mother I want to be physically and mentally - the mother you deserve because my pain is so great. I allowed it to take hold too tightly this time and I apologize for that. I'm learning how to shed the guilt. I'm choosing to look at it differently now and in the future and I'm putting all of my focus on healing, strength and positivity. 

This is what I came away with from my walk in the sunshine. This is my message for you today. I hope you read it when you need comfort and encouragement, support and love. For that is my forever gift to you.  

My children-
Be still and find your joy.
There is greatness to be found in taking the time to stop the daily merry-go-round from whirling so that you can truly focus on your surroundings and find the happiness in the pockets of stillness. 
In stillness comes creativity.
In peacefulness comes contentment. 
In quietness comes discovery.
There is always something to be found when there is nothing.
Discover the joy of nothing.
When we quiet the mind we awaken the soul and are able to hear the whispers of our heart. These heart whispers are the keys to unlock your inner peace and happiness. Once you start listening to the whispers of your heart you will discover the words to the song of your soul for these heart whispers are never wrong, my loves. 
They will never lie to you. 
They are your destiny. 
They are your truth. 
They form the beautiful garden of your life.
They have always been and always will be there. 
So sing your song and let it escape your lips loudly. 
Sing it everyday. 
Sing it every night.
Teach me the words so that I may sing it for you if you feel too weak to sing yourself.
Feel the words.
Breathe the words.
Be the words. 
Do not ever forget the song of your soul and most importantly, do not ever let anyone try to change your song to something they can sing easier or something that they like better. 
For you my child are the only one who hears your own heart whispers so that you can write your own song.
You hold the power to your happiness.
Oh, and don't forget your sunscreen because a life full of happiness is a life full of sunshine. 


*Written by Colleen Duncan Canavan 3-2-13

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