Daily Gratitude Journal: Saturday Day #2

Today has already seen some battle scars and it's just barely the mid afternoon. We had a tiny glass bowl with freshly prepared, homemade organic carrots for the baby get knocked off the table, crashing to the floor that ended in tiny glass shards mixed with bright orange puree all over the kitchen. I even found a chunk of glass down the hall, around the corner under a blanket along with my patience. 

Today's lesson: No glass bowls for baby food. I hold it anyway, but still. 

However, my husband did wake before me taking the crying baby to the diaper changing area. He then proceeded to entertain said baby while I slept. Upon waking up #AwesomeHusband took it upon himself to make the family, "Surfer's Delight" a dish he invented which is basically a fancy breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs & melted cheese, crispy bacon, crispy hash browns rolled in a buttered pan fried tortilla, served with Cholula. 

"Yes, Please!" 

Yes he really is a keeper!  Did I mention he also made my latte this morning?  Oh I didn't?  I guess I didn't want to seem like I'm bragging.

However, when you have a family of 5 with kids 7 years old to 6 months old, there will be drama, fights, tantrums, whining, lots of stink face, pushing on the iPad couch and feet kicking each other under the breakfast table regardless of how tight my latte foam is, how long I got to sleep in or how crispy the bacon crumbles are.

This is life as a parent. It's not glamorous, but it can be very beautiful if you don't mind things sticky.

Here's my attempt to find the beauty in today to get rid of my being annoyed. I feel like it's working already.

My Daily Goal: I will take a picture each day that brings me happiness as well and post it along with my list of 5 things I'm grateful for. I invite you to do the same!  These are not listed in order of importance. That is too much pressure for this writing exercise. I am just free flowing as I write and trying to be genuine in my thoughts and emotions and writing what I feel at the moment. Please join me! @coco_cana #DailyGratitudeJournal

Daily Gratitude Journal #2

1. I'm so grateful for my little baby boy who just turned 6 months old yesterday. He has the chubbiest cheeks and two of the tiniest teeth that stick out when he smiles creating dimples in his big apple cheeks. It should really be illegal to be that cute and not have a spot on Ellen already.

2. I'm so incredibly grateful and lucky for my husband. #obvs

3. I'm grateful for the days when my kids entertain themselves out in nature for hours and don't say, "I'm bored!" every 5 seconds making me say, "If you're bored I'll give you something to clean" making me sound like my mom when I was a kid!  Or my personal favorite from my food serving days, "If you have time to lean, you have time to clean!"  My kids LOVE this one!

4. I'm grateful for TV for the days that don't go according to #3. Yea, that's right. I said it. I let my kids watch TV when we're having a shitty day and mama needs some peace and quiet. Even if the day is rad, it gets turned on sometimes. C'est la vie!

5. I'm grateful for Wild Krats, Octonauts, Peg + Cat, nature shows geared towards kids, most stuff on PBS, and any other type of learning TV show where my kids can become enlightened or educated while mama needs some peace and quiet while I breastfeed the baby. We have only 1 TV in the house and it's in the living room along with my nursing chair. That's how, brah. to the water park for some summertime family fun and reconnecting.

My kids. Totally entertaining themselves for hours on end with a picnic outside playing with bugs and fruit trees, digging for worms and making mud pies. The thought of it makes me exhale with about 8 minutes of inner peace...until someone gets a mudpie in the face. Then I'm annoyed. Again. 

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  1. I love this post and you have reminded me to continue with asking our 7 yr old about the things that she is grateful for each night. Like you, coffee is a big perk and I tell my husband that he is a "keeper" as well when he does this simple but meaningful task for me! It really is the little things that make life so worthwhile. Its great to remember what makes us happy- not the material things but the gestures :)


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