Screen-Free Week April 30-May 5, 2013 - STARTS TODAY!

My cousin posted this yesterday and it was the first time I saw this particular event.  I've seen them in the past and always thought, "I should do that." and then I quickly forgot about it an hour later and I went to log on to the computer or turn on Disney Jr for the kids so I could cook dinner.

Screen-Free Week Fail #1.

My cousin said she was going to go screen-free for the week starting yesterday (a day early) and if you needed to contact her then do so via old school methods - the phone. Imagine that?  Phone calls that are friends wanting to chat as opposed to solicitors or the school principal.

So I thought I'd give it a go. But I'm going to be realistic about it at first. Try to ease into it on day 1-2-ish. I don't do well in cold-turkey/all-or-nothing situations. I have given myself permission to journal about it via my blog. My issue isn't the internet in general - my issue is facebook. (In more ways than 1, but that is another post for another time.)

I will "check-in" via this blog each day to share our progress and from this blog I will share it on twitter and my facebook page. However, I'm not going to actually go to the twitter and facebook pages because it's too easy to get sucked in over there. Here in my calm little corner of the internet on my mom's blog I don't have a running ticker of what the rest of the world is doing and all other manner in which facebook keeps you hanging about on it's site. I kind of like that.

Please check back this week to see how the kids and I are doing during our attempt at Screen-Free Week 2013. 

So far it's friggin' Lord Of The Flies over here. Lots of tears and a lot of fighting and a lot of figuring out our place in the world and what to do with ourselves - and it's only been a few hours...on day #1....

Wish us luck.

Here are some daily updates. We're seriously doing this!!

Screen-Free Week Day 1: Recap.
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