Preschool Craft: Halloween Kitty Cat

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween. Time to make a black kitty cat for your door. 

This is an easy craft for you to do with your preschooler because you most likely have the supplies already. They can learn about different colors and shapes in the process, as well as cut the shapes themselves (if you feel they are ready) and glue the shapes to the plate.  Whatever color construction paper you have on hand will work well.  I had some glitter paper in our crafting drawer so I used that. 

Here's What You'll Need For Your Halloween Cat:

  • Construction Paper (Multiple colors.)
  • Scissors (adult scissors and/or preschool scissors.)
  • Glue (Elmer's glue and a glue stick.)
  • Q-tip (for the Elmer's glue.)
  • Paper Plate
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon (to hang the plate.)

Time to cut the shapes. 
Feel free to cut everything free form unless your preschooler is going to be doing the cutting. Then it's best to trace the shapes on the paper. As you can see here I chose to cut everything free form to give it more of a "homemade craft look."
Please assist your preschooler during the cutting process.

Oval shape for the head. 

2 large triangles for the ears
1 small triangle for the nose

6 whiskers. 3 per side.

A mouth and a tongue.

2 large circles for the eyes.
2 smaller black "circles" for pupils.
1 medium circle as an accent for the hair bow (for a girl cat.)

Optional: Hair bow for a girl cat.
(In the shape of a piece of candy.)

  • After you cut everything out talk about each shape and count how many sides it has.
  • Poke holes in your plate and tie the ribbon through to hang it when you are done.
  • I used the plastic painting palate for the glue. Then we dipped the q-tip in the glue.
  • We glued the face shape to the plate first then added all other pieces to the face.
  • We used the glue stick for the larger pieces and the Elmer's glue for the smaller pieces.
  • Feel free to "crinkle" the whiskers by folding the ends into thirds to give them a 3-D look. (See Mama Cat below.)
  • Please note that the scissors shown here are adult scissors only.

Baby Cat
Mama Cat

Did your child make a Halloween Kitty Cat?
Please share your craft with us when you are done. Post it to our facebook page and we'll add it here!

Have a fun, safe & Happy Halloween!

Coco Cana


  1. This was an awesome tutorial! I prepped all of the pieces for my daughter's Halloween play date this evening. ;)

    1. How fun! I'm glad it was helpful! Thanks for commenting.


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