Do You Use Your Wedding China?

I was just putting away my dishes and noticed that the "everyday" dinnerware we got for our wedding has a lot of chips, scratches and dings in it. Mostly from being washed in the dishwasher which is unfortunate.  My dishes are getting ruined because I'm using a device that is supposed to be a more efficient and convenient way to wash my dishes. I was just thinking that I'm glad my wedding china isn't all dinged up.  But then again, we don't really use our wedding china. Our "everyday" dishes are well loved and get eaten off of...well, everyday.

I usually bring out our wedding china for holiday dinners and stuff like that, but so far I haven't let the kids eat off of it. I probably should. What good are dishes doing me when they are wrapped up in tissue in our china cabinet only to be brought out at special occasions - but only for the adults?

Do you have wedding china?  And if so, do you use it?  Do you let your kids eat off of it?  Why?  Why not?

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  1. I use ours ... BUT we registered for the Lenox Holiday pattern. We have Fiestaware (made in Newell, WV whoohoo!) for our everyday dishes. But we have all this beautiful china to display at Christmas! I put it out with our Christmas decorations and it just sits on our buffet in all its glory. And then, so we are sure to use it at least once a year, we eat Chinese take out on the Christmas China ;)We invite people over so we can use every place setting and we get a lot of take out and transfer it to the serving dishes ... we try to use every. single. piece. It's fun!


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