A Morning of Clarity and Inspiration.

Last weekend I went to the Mom Entrepreneur Success Conference 2012 through the National Association for Balanced Moms and it was a wonderful experience. I was their caption contest winner from a picture that was posted on their facebook page (see below).  It was posted back in July 2012 when the movie Magic Mike was in theaters and there was a lot of buzz surrounding the movie so that became my inspiration for what I wrote for the caption contest.

Hello! Did you see it? OOOOOOMMMGGG! You should really see the movie if you haven't already... 


So one of the prizes to choose from was a ticket to the conference in September 2012. I'm glad I chose that prize because it was really inspiring!

Two amazing women I met that day are the ladies from Mama-Time.

They are Shaila Saint and Mollie Bennett and they offer up plenty of positive, inspiring and informative goodness for women and moms.

Need a new Monday morning ritual? 

Staring Monday, October 8, 2012 you can join them for a Mindful Mama Yoga & Reflection class that is an 8-week series. You can sign up for the whole series or you can take it whenever it fits into your schedule. They are moms too, so they are very aware that it can be difficult to get away when you have children.  So come when you can!  In this class they offer gentle yoga, journaling and a discussion along with some yummy breakfast treats!  Seriously, they had me at breakfast treats.  Classes are from 9:30-11am in Long Beach at Marina Vista Park. Click here for more info.

Looking for a fun cooking class?  

On Saturday, October 20, 2012 from 4:30-9pm they are offering, "Here Come the Holidaze" Cooking Party led by Food Network Chef, Rahm Fama!  Get tips on putting together a delicious holiday menu complete with easy entertaining ideas. Come laugh, learn and eat at PREP Kitchen Essentials in Seal Beach, Ca. Click here for more info.

Looking for a unique way to connect and spend time with your friends or mom's group?  

They do House Parties too!  These ladies seriously do it all and I'm so fortunate to have met them.  I look forward to taking their classes and joining their workshops in the future.

Their goal is to Connect, Reflect and Refuel and that is exactly what I did this past Monday in the preview class for their Mindful Mama Yoga & Reflection series.  After a busy morning of getting the kids out of the house, sitting in traffic, changing poopy diapers and diffusing the usual rush-rush morning tantrums I met these amazing women on the grass at the park (by myself!) for a morning devoted to...ME!

What a novel idea. 

I was ready for some long over due yoga stretches, discussions with other moms, breaking in my beautiful brand new journal (thanks for the birthday gift mom!) and of course yummy breakfast treats and coffee! What I wasn't ready for, or should I say, what I wasn't anticipating was what a profound impact this class would have on me in only an hour and a half. I was truly inspired by the beautiful surroundings of nature and sunshine, the positive energy of the other women that day, by the words and stories that were bravely shared, by the music that connected so deeply and of course the yummy breakfast treats!

Yes, I know I'm aware of the issue I have going on here.  

These weren't just any yummy breakfast treats either. These were the most magnificent little tarts I have ever had the pleasure of munching while doing downward dog. Ever heard of The Little Tart Bakery in Long Beach, Ca?  You have now! They do catering and they offer gluten-free and vegan tarts too!  Gotta love 'em!

So these super duper little kick ass tarts were the breakfast treats served and yummy treats they were! She brought sweet ones and savory ones - both delicious! Now that I mention it I'm bummed that I didn't take a picture of them because they were yummy and beautiful. So that was a fun treat indeed.

This class ended up being exactly what I needed. I have been feeling so stressed and overwhelmed lately (as mentioned in this post) I wasn't sure if I was really going to be able to "let go" in this class to be honest. I went with the hopes of possibly just absorbing the positive energy to be stored and channeled later when I needed it. But things don't always happen the way we might plan them out in our heads.  I've always been a Pilates girl but enjoyed yoga and meditation during both of my pregnancies. I appreciate the inward reflection yoga offers and the stillness I eventually get to during meditation. That is once I let all the chatter quiet in my brain. It takes a while usually and this class offered that. I also loved being able to have the opportunity to share with other woman and mothers who have been where I've been and who could share words of encouragement and words of understanding for where I'm going.

I wasn't expecting the tears that would burn my cheeks as they rolled down my face during the poses and breathing. I'm not surprised though. When I was studying The Pilates Method back in '05 one of the things I learned as well as witnessed with my own clients was that emotions can be released through deep breathing. It's not uncommon for someone to break out into sobs while doing the hundreds in a Pilates mat class.  It can catch you off guard if you are not prepared for it or if you didn't realize you were holding on to so much pain.

Cheap therapy I say.

So once I switched my brain to only focusing on myself (a technique that is pretty difficult for most mothers yet perfected in toddlers, young children, teenagers and actors - I kid, I kid), I was able to finally "let go."

This is what I came away with during my morning of clarity and inspiration:

"Today in the sun,
and in the breeze,
beneath the trees...

I let go.

I left the baggage and the burdens, 
I admitted the ugly truth myself
- this black hatred 
- the fear 
- the sorrow...

and I shed it.

I dropped it.

I crumpled it like a dry orange leaf poking into my hands and sent it floating away with the wind.

It drifted

and I shifted -

my body, my thoughts and my anger.

Today I'm just trying to

let it go..."

-Coco Cana

P.S. I would like to note here for all to read that out of respect for my husband and my two darling children, that they are neither baggage nor burden. They are not the source of hatred.  They are not  who or what I was referring to in my journal writing that morning.  I don't usually feel the need to justify what I write, however, I am well aware of the fact that this is going into the "forever-to-be-read-and-referenced-to-at-any-time-in-the-future-by-anyone-in-the-world" internet and I just want them to know that when and if they read this someday, I'm not talking about them here. That would break my heart if it was ever taken that way.  However, it is my goal to be as open an honest with myself as well as to my readers here on my mom's blog so I wanted to share what I jotted down while sitting in the sun on my yoga mat devouring little tarts.

So, if you are in or anywhere near the Long Beach, Ca area you really MUST check out the fabulous ladies at MamaTime and join them for some fun as well as The Little Tart Bakery!  If you do Please be sure to tell them My Tales From The Crib sent you!  Thank you and hope to see you at one of the classes!

Oh and here's the pic and my caption from the caption contest:

"Shut up! He did not just say that Magic Mike is some stupid chick flick! You tell him it's a legitimate film with quality acting and a believable story line. It was directed by Steven Soderbergh! Hello? award anyone?! I laughed, I cried. It should win a damn oscar!"

kinda silly, huh?  haha.

If you would like me to review your class, your workshop or your bakery... I'd be happy to!  Please contact me via my comments section with your email and I will email you.  Thank you!

Let's keep the conversation going over on our facebook page, My Tales From The Crib!

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