My Summer Bucket List

Ahhh, the lazy days of summer...

Today is August 1st and to some, that means that summer is almost over. The stores are getting rid of their cool camping gear and fun beachy things and replacing them with back packs, trapper keepers and pee chee folders.

....Uh-oh, did I just totally date myself?


Don't let September creep up on you without doing all of the things you talked about way back in June.  This one is for the "list makers" of the group. You know who you are.

My Summer Bucket List:
  • Watch as much of the 2012 Olympic Summer Games as possible! **(Ok so the 2012 Olympic Summer Games are long over but I'm sure you'll think of something good here!)**
  • Take a picnic dinner to the rest of the concerts in the park.
  • Visit my all time favorite beach, San Clemente and splash around in the waves.
  • Pitch a tent and have a camp out in the back yard with the kids.
  • Take surf lessons or SUP lessons.
  • Have a bon fire and roast marshmallows. 
  • Fly a kite.
  • Catch the evening fireworks at Disneyland.
  • Girls Night Out!
  • Make homemade ice cream.
  • Go on a date with my hubby, dine al fresco and drink wine.
  • Eat all dinners on our patio under our "Paris lights."
  • Take walks after dinner and enjoy the cool evening air.
  • Find a recipe for and make a jello salad (the kind with cream cheese and a pretzel crust from my childhood.)
  • Go for a bike ride.
  • BBQ with friends.
  • Have my hubby teach me how to ride his shovelhead.
  • Spend the day at the water park and get a cabana.
  • Take morning walks through the park with the kids and lie on the grass looking for shapes in the clouds.
  • Plant more stuff in our garden.
  • Write more.
  • Find a good book to read.
  • Simplify, streamline and de-stress our lives.  (Or at least figure out how to!)
  • Spend more quality time relaxing and enjoying life OUTSIDE and spend less time indoors on the computer!!!!!

What's on your bucket list?

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