My Ranty Facebook Post: I'm Taking A Sabbatical!

Here's one from the archives...

So those of you who know me know that I'm kinda crazy. For those of you who don't...well here ya go! A fresh batch full 'o crazy!: 

This year for my birthday (it was yesterday) I have decided to give myself a very nice, very generous, very much needed, long overdue gift. Mostly because I forgot how old I was until my mom posted it yesterday (I'm 37. I mean seriously, how could I ever forget such an awesome age? IKR?! OMG! LOL!) and secondly my brain is about to explode due to overstimulation of mostly negative with a lil positive thrown in of mixed media, pop ups and ticker tapes moving a million miles a second and it needs to check out and do some creative stuff for a while.
I'm taking a sabbatical. It's not a "real" sabbatical of course since I'll still be working "my full-time, on call 24/7 job", but I'm taking a break from all of the other stuff - the mind numbing, superfluous brain waste of activities that have been keeping me from writing all of these future books that are swirling around in my brain like a clogged up public toilet causing me to loose countless wasted hours of middle of the night sleep where writing is worthless and mornings become zombiefull because I can't find the time to write them down and get them out of there....


Sooooooo, aaaaaaanyhoo, I'll be updating my writing blog with parenting stuff and not-so parenting stuff for those who are terrified of "parenting stuff" and I'll be posting those beloved blog posts to twitter since I can do it via the blog (without ever leaving which is nice) if you want to follow either of those. Twitter is

My mom's blog will continue on as it is. Nuggets of pure, grade A, 100% grass-fed, organic, cage free wisdom from the trenches of glorious motherhood. And yes, expect to find more run-on sentences like this beauty here. For those of you who know me in real life or if you follow my blog, this should come as no reeeeeeal shock since you are probably aware of my long standing love/hate relationship with all things facebook and social media in general despite the fact that yes -

I have a FB profile, a FB "page" for my mom's blog, I started a FB group called Organic Mama, and belong to many more and I have a twitter and a blog. *UPDATE at bottom* 

Four blogs to be exact.

(No, you know what? I'll leave my blogs out of this actually.)

To wrap it all up and bring it on home: no I'm not drunk right now, yes I do take full responsibility of this post, it's the day after my birthday party so I'll cry if I want to, and yes I am aware - totally aware - like living in the moment, co-sleeping toddler kicking you in the face at 3am aware that I will probably, most likely, almost certainly, preeeeeetty definitely "be back someday."

(Like the mob, right?) However, that date is TBD.

The last time I took a sabbatical to write - an actual sabbatical where I took "real" time off and was only responsible for myself (Imagine that?) I was 27 years old and was living in Los Angeles and I was writing like crazy because I wanted to be a WRITERRRRRRRRRRRRR. Hello? 10 yrs is long enough.

So after much, much, much thought during countless hours of laundry folding, diaper changing and dish washing and careful, deliberate reflection that each year on my birthday always brings me, (especially this most awesomest of birthdays turning the super cool age of 37), I'm happy to say,

"Facebook, with all due respect, you can totally go fuck yourself. You are Myspace to me right now."

Goodnight, Good luck, Peace, Love & Aloha.

The End.

*UPDATE: I no longer have a Facebook page. I deleted that cray cray mo fo as written about here in: 
Why I'm Deleting Facebook The Day My Daughter Starts Kindergarten.

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  1. The best bit was when you said 'you are MySpace to me right now' - you rock!

    1. haha! Thank you! I am pretty proud of that line I might add and I appreciate that you got it! Thanks for the love, Morna! It made my night!

  2. That was a goood rant! Good luck with your "sabatical" :) made me laugh when you said I am not drunk right now lol thank you for linking on #effitfriday

    1. Thank you for commenting! I do feel as though I need to preface whether or not I'm drunk posting from time to time. Epecially with my rants. Haha!

    2. Thanks again for co-hosting #effitfridays too! It was a fun linky!

  3. Good Luck with the sabbatical I think that has to be my favourite line of all time... "you are MySpace to me right now"

    Thanks for linking with #effitfriday

  4. Thanks for the great comment and for the awesome tweet! I appreciate the blogger love! Thanks for co-hosting #effititfridays. It was lots of fun!


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