Preschooler Logic Presents: Can We Get A Doggie?

Preschooler: "Mommy, Bayman won't jump through the hula hoop like a doggie will when I hold it out like this." (Demonstrates her circus act that has clearly fallen flat due to an uncooperating toddler.) 

Mommy: "Well Birdie, Bayman is a Baby Brother not a doggie."

Bayman: "I not a doggie, Sissy! I a Baby Brudder!"  

Just then Baby Brother sneezes out into the universe unleashing a spray of water as well as other unpleasantries that accompany a coughing-sneezing cold and requiring several tissues to clean up into the sky like a fire hose.

Preschooler: (Looks at Baby Brother in Older Sisterly disgust.) "Can we get a doggie mommy?  They are cleaner than Baby Brothers. Remember what he did last night?"

Reflecting to last night: Let's just say the diaper was off and Baby Brother was running wild and free until he hid behind the curtains and yadda, yadda, yadda - now we need to steam clean. 

Point taken Preschooler, point taken. 

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  1. ha ha ha!! Funny! I love how they think funny munchkins :) Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday


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