A Post A Day Project - Day #3: Wow, This Twitter Thing Actually Works!

Twitter is a total mystery to me. It's full of symbols with weird names and everything is a link to something else and funky characters take you to their hipster badge (instagram picture) and there isn't a "dot com" or a "www" in the whole bunch. It's all just totally foreign to me. Although I have a twitter account and have just recently reached 100 tweets - that I sent out (what the heck did I send out?) it still makes me go,

"OK, how do I do this again?"

Cue the scratching head and the derber-derbers.

Anyway, so the other night I went to McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, Ca with some good friends for a birthday concert with Sean Rowe and his opener, Soko. It was an amazing night of acoustic bliss. I'll write more on that later which will lead me to edit this post to create a fancy link and I might add more stuff too - you never know so stay tuned - but then again I might not because what would I add extra besides a link that I wouldn't otherwise just say right here in the "first draft" so this is kind of a silly teaser really since no one wants a teaser that turns out to be someone's flaky procrastination - so the moral of this run-on sentence is - besides, "hey kids, listen to your high school English teachers or you'll end up like me!", um....where was I?

So yea, McCabe's was awesome and the music was very inspiring. The opener Soko was sharing her hauntingly beautiful songs about pain and tormented heartbreak which inspired me to write this poem.  I've never actually written a poem about someone I didn't actually know. Well, that's not true, I'm sure I penned many a sappy tale about a boy from New Kid's On The Block, or Leo Decaprio back in my high school days. Even though I stopped listening to New Kid's in 8th grade.  So this was an exercise in something new to write this about this woman who sang for us. I'll be honest, I don't ever really get anyone's poetry. Especially someone's rambled musings that have no rhyme or reason. And that is perfectly OK. It was just something that needed to be written. So I don't actually expect that someone will get this one either, because that is exactly what it is (especially if you actually like poetry.  If you do and you're a poetry snob, (you know who you are) then this is not a poem.

I repeat: THIS IS NOT A POEM! 

So to get to the whole, "Wow, this twitter thing actually works" part. I realized, "Oh, I bet this girl has a twitter" (of course she does. What self respecting artist doesn't?) so I went on that and thought that I could send this poem to her to read. She's also on facebook so I posted it there too just in case I messed up the twitter thing. Highly likely.  So I was all set to tweet her this link last night and then I was like,

"OK, how do I do this again?"

But, obviously it worked. She got it. 

This was my original tweet:

This was Soko's response:
 COCO, this is beautiful.. You are a great writer.. I am really touched by your words.. Thank you for the love and sweetness.. <3 p="p">

I thought that was pretty darn cool.

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