Water Baby

Pool is ready, water is warm,
midwife, doula, hubby and me, I will not conform.

I'm breathing the way I need to,
moving the way I need to,
walking when I need to,
squatting when I need to.

Pacing the rooms, my feet are bare,
our lives on these walls, and soon baby is there.

I'm eating because I need to,
drinking when I need to,
only talking when I need to,
peacefully quiet because I need to.

Coldplay on the itunes,
fresh flowers wafting through,
feeling confident and strong
my body knows just what to do.

Laughing when I need to,
closing my eyes because I need to,
crying when I need to,
reaching out for you because I need you.

Room filled with soft whispers,
the only light is in the hall,
warm water pouring over my back,
not feeling rushed at all.

Rocking when I need to,
humming when I need to,
blocking out what I need to,
drawing inward because I need to.

Pain ever present, feeling like I need to push,
my body taking over, water breaking there's the woosh!

I'm kneeling because I need to,
embracing the feeling because I need to,
battle cries when I need to,
retreating home when I need to.

Husband is strong never leaving my side,
my head is in his chest.
Everyone is waiting for me to give their cue
because they know, I know myself best.

I'm pushing when I need to,
for however long my body needs to,
I'm moaning when I need to,
laboring naturally because I need to.

The baby is coming quickly now
as you can see in the water below!
Is our new little love
a baby girl or baby boy?
We still do not know!

I reach down because I need to,
catch my baby in my arms because I need to,
we embrace our new love because we need to,
Free to take the time that we need to.

We squeal in delight our baby is here
oh, such a magical joy!
After several minutes of loving this new bundle
we discover that he is a boy!

Holding him close because I need to,
cord cutting can wait because it needs to,
adjusting peacefully because he needs to,
in mama's arms because we need to.

Everyone is happy and safe,
bouncing baby boy is ten pounds!
The house is bright and filled with love
and all sorts of new baby sounds.

A shower and my bed because I need to,
breastfeed him when he needs to,
skin to skin because we need to,
all three napping together because we need to.

After a peaceful sleep big sister is here!
She wants to meet “baby brother.”
She knew all along it'd be you coming to her,
this bond is like no other.

Believe in yourself because you need to!
Your heart is telling you what it needs to,
trust yourself because you need to,
Be strong for your baby, because he needs you.

By Colleen Duncan-Canavan

Dec 4, 2011
This poem was inspired by my water baby, Ely Finn. Born at home, caught by his mother. I'm waiting to hear back if this will be accepted into an anthology. I'll update it here if it was chosen.

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