She dropped her toys in the box, folks!

Wow, this baby girl changes so much each day!  I just can't believe it.  Today at Gymboree we started singing the huge crowd pleaser, "the clean up, clean up song" and I watched Baby Girl as the teacher was heading for the center of the room with her "busy box" ready to scoop up every last toy.  This is not our favorite part. I could almost see her thinking, "wait a sec...this is the part of the class I DON'T like!"  And we all start singing so Baby Girl stands up and I thought for sure we were gonna have a runner, but she watched in awe at how other kids were actually putting their toys away.  So she thought she'd give it a try.  She muscled her way through the crowd of 10-15 months old babies, got to the edge of the toy box, reached over and dropped the toy she had in her left hand.  "Good girl Baby!  Mama's so proud of you!"  She looked longingly at the toy she just let go of, having second thoughts and was just about to drop in toy #2, when all of a sudden a brand new walker of about 1 week - Javier, bumped into her throwing her off her game, dropping the toy when she wasn't ready and she panicked and started to dumpster dive!  Mama swooped in and scooped her from the scene and again with the stiff arms and legs, grunts and yells.  

So I'd say that's one for mama and one for baby.  

*Shaking my fist* That darn Javier and his wobbly legs.  We were so close!

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