Ode To My Espresso Machine

You saved my life during those early days of postpartum depression -
instant rewards for my dedicated repetition.
Your shiny square body distorting my face.
The only reflection I recognized.
Tiny cups collecting your liquid gold
Lacy chocolate ruffles clinging to the cup as I pour.
The color of Happiness.
The pungent smell of sunshine.
The protector of the sugar - holding it in each drop.
Your steam like an old black and white movie -
far off train whistle
pushing me closer to my destination.
The joy and anticipation of a relaxation vacation.
Toddler fights and baby cries became muted by the scream of your steam.
Tight white foam flows into your muddy lava bringing you to life
while bringing me back from the dead.
I am a life giver, but you, you my dear are a life savor -
All $350 dollars of you.

Written by Colleen Canavan
Instagram: @naturemama3

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