Simple Snacktime Solutions for Kids

Kid food.

This can rule your life if you let it. Sometimes we think it's "easier" to buy a bunch of prepackaged "kid meals" like lunchables, toddler meals in the baby food isle, etc., to have quick meals ready to go and those do have their place for once-in-a-while meals, but for everyday eating it's best to make stuff at home. Small children are still growing and the last thing they need is to be pumped full of sugar, sodium, chemical pesticides, GMO, non-organic foods (meaning foods that are full of chemical pesticides.) Almost everything you will buy in a package that is designed to sit on a shelf for any period of time will contain most if not all of these yucky things listed above.

A tiny, growing body doesn't need any of that. In fact, it's hurting them in the long run to be honest.

I will be adding to this list of snack ideas so please check back!  A lot of it is homemade, most of it is organic and some of it will be store bought items like crackers, animal cookies, cereal, bread items, etc. But the majority of the snack ideas listed will be fresh, organic, homemade goodies.

Your child will thank you someday.  ;-)

1. Toddler TV Dinner! 
This is a simple snack version. I used some cold, organic chicken bites we BBQ'd earlier in the week, sliced organic apples, sliced organic colby jack cheese and a side of homemade ranch for dipping. Place everything into cupcake cups and turn an ordinary snack into a picnic! My mom found these Cars movie cupcake cups and we've been using them for snacks ever since. I LOVE using cupcake cups for snacks. It's fun, festive and it helps to keeps things separate for your little one. Toddlers love groups and stacks and rows. They will like this! (EDITORS NOTE: My lil guy just turned 3 so he can eat large slices of apples, etc. as well as use a "big boy fork" like the one pictured. It's a dessert fork so it's the perfect size for little hands. Make sure you use what is best for your child.)

**Blog post in progress... Please check back!** 

In the meantime check out my board on Pinterest all about kid food called:  Play With Your Food!

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