My Child Gets So Distracted!

Can you relate?  This can be very frustrating sometimes. Like when we are running late for preschool and she needs to go grab her sweatshirt off of the hook in her room "real quick" and minutes later I walk in there to find her on the floor surrounded by her Calico Critters*, lost in a make-believe world of super tiny animals and their even smaller hairbrushes, outfits and toys - her sweatshirt still hanging on her hook.  

So when we are trying to get out the door in a hurry a sidetracked, easily distracted preschooler can make me want to pull my wet pony tail out.  (Wait...don't all mom's shove their wet hair into a pony tail before dropping their child off at preschool?  Hey, at least we're finally at the age of "mom gets a morning shower" now. The baby years...not so much.)

However, having a child who gets lost on the way from the kitchen to the bathroom and winds up in the playroom does have it's advantages. This is how it worked in my favor today:

Preschooler: "Mommy, can I play a game on the iPad?"

Mommy: "Sure. As soon as you clean up all of your coloring stuff and crafting stuff you can play your game."

Preschooler: "OK, Mommy....."

25 minutes later "Preschooler" is still quietly coloring away creating an entire fantasy world of dinosaurs, birds, sea turtles and butterflies, unicorns and fairy dust with a blank sheet of paper and some colored pencils. The iPad hasn't been mentioned once.

This is the plus side to a child getting sidetracked and distracted when you ask them to "complete a task."

Win for Mommy.
Win for Preschooler.

My 3 yr old Mad Scientist having a very Jackson Pollock moment.
Today's artwork wasn't captured on film - so I'm using this gem.

*I love Calico Critters btw. No batteries, no obnoxious noises, no songs that can't be turned off regardless what you do to them. They are just well-made toys perfect for make believe. They are for girls and boys and have a wide age range too. My daughter got turned on to them as a 2 yr old and still loves them, as did her 6 & 8 year old cousins when they came to visit. They are pricey though! I will say that. But the quality is hard to beat. You get what you pay for when it comes to toys. They are great to add to your child's wish list. The one you give out to family!  wink*wink

I'm just a Calico Girl living in a Critter world.

This happened today....sorta.

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  1. Gotta love her!! and you!! Thank you for your delightful, refreshing and positive spin on the typical frustrations of life with preschoolers!

    1. Thank you Kathy! I appreciate that. Did you notice the "Parent Talk" language in there? "As soon as you do.....then you will get to......" ;-) The skills we learned in your Practical Parent Talk class have served us well in many different situations with both kids. Thank you! And thanks for reading and commenting too! ;-)


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