A Post A Day Project Day #5 - How The Friends of Ricki Community Has Impacted My Life.

So I logged onto the Friends Of Ricki Facebook Page today to get my daily dose of positivity and I see that they are asking for videos talking about how the Friends Of Ricki community has impacted your life. I connected with this right away because recently I made my very first video blog for the FOR community talking about The Business Of Being Born, a wonderful film that spoke to me in so many ways and also had a major impact on my water birth with my youngest baby...and in the process I discovered that making a video blog was pretty darn fun too!

Here is my post talking about my Business Of Being Born video blog, A Post A Day Project - Day #4: Hoping To Share My Water Birth Story On The Ricki Lake Show!

After I posted my first (unedited) video to their FOR fb community page I decided to figure out how to edit all of my takes together to make a new video (and I had a lot of takes to choose from!)  I discovered this new found passion for editing that I kinda had a feeling would be there because I always think in movie plots complete with music (weird, I know) but now I know for sure.  I LOVE it!  

I'll post that vid here soon... 

For now, here is my newest video blog talking about how the Friends of Ricki facebook community has impacted my life as well as my life as a stay-at-home-mom and how it changes drastically from life as a young woman without kids.  I love being a mom, especially a SAHM but I'm not going to sit here and pretend that it's all sunshine and rainbows every single day and that it's not hard and frustrating and stressful at times too.

What good is that going to do anyone?

So thank you FOR and The Ricki Lake Show (which premiers Sept 10th btw!) for my newfound passion for video blogging and editing!


  1. Comments from facebook friends:

    Leah McC: Great job! You are brave to do something like this, but then again its so you! Glad you mentioned your exercise equipment behind you....kinda looked like a torture device, which i guess it is too, hahaha!

  2. Comments from facebook:

    Maryann D: I loved the heartfelt, honest depiction of your SAHM life. This video made me cry and laugh and made me even more proud to call you daughter, which I didn't think was possible. I love you! xoxo

    (I love you too mom!)


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