A Post A Day Project - Day #1: Create More and Spend Less Time on Facebook!

It's no secret, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I hate it for many reasons. There is so much negativity on there, namely on the message boards and group forums. Everyone is trying to outdo  one another and everyone is trying to school each other. Even though you can see the person's real name and profile picture for some reason that still does not keep them from spouting off their negativity for the world to read. What happened to being held accountable for your actions?  Everyone has an opinion about everything which is fine but lately it seems as though it's usually a negative one.

So for that I hate it.

Being the sensitive person that I am it can really put me in a bad mood to read all of this crap especially first thing in the morning. Which is what we've trained ourselves to do these days, right?

  • Get up 
  • Make coffee 
  • Check facebook. 


So I have decided to stop checking FB first thing in the morning. Instead I'll check my online banking (Thanks Kristin for the reminder to do that daily!) and I'm going to write my post a day.  I'm not saying I'm deleting my account or anything or I'm never going back on there. I've tried that and just like the mob it sucks you back in. I never mentioned that?  Another post for another time I suppose.

Oh yea, I never got to the reasons why I love facebook. I'll have to think about that one and get back to you. Nothing comes to mind at the moment aside from being able to see updated pictures of my friends and family. Other than that.... *shrug*

Facebook Smacebook

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