Dear Fachebook

I see you... making all of your changes without any warning. I'm just waiting for the day were you go all "netflicks" on us and start charging for what used to be free (streaming video) because we're hooked now.  You're just waiting til all of us millions and millions of people totally give up using the phone and email and face-to-face conversations to communicate with one another and only click "like" as our total form of communication on a myriad of topics (which is kinda like now) because we'll eventually be too lazy to even type a comment and come the charges....but we're sucked in now-for years some of us, so we'll just pay it because everyone and their grandma's dog Mr. Fluffy Pants are already too addicted to the social network to give up the we'll gladly pay the $29.95 per year to stay in the loop with our "close friends" , our "family", our "co-workers", our "frienenemys" or anyone else YOU deem important to me...until you make the charge monthly cuz you know we're suckers and as Todd says, "we're all just sheepeople anyway." Baaaaa!...and guess what? We'll probably just pay the monthly charge too cuz we need it, we want it and we can't live without it.  As Ely would say, "I smell what you're stepping in" facebook.  I smell what you are stepping in and let me tell you something mister-it stinks!  I'm now going to join a group about how we wish you'd "bring back the old facebook cuz this one sucks and while you are add it, please add a "dislike" button so I can "dislike" the new changes." Oh yea, and go blank yourself for thinking you own us...oh wait...too late.....

We won't know when, we won't know where but they're coming............
*cue the music from Halloween.* 

Signed your jilted EX-lover,
Coco Cana 

facebook shmacebook.

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