My first attempt at writing and publishing a blog in the time it takes Summer to eat lunch!

Saw Elizabeth Gilbert last night, author of Eat, Pray, Love. She told me to write everyday and not to judge it too here I am...writing and not judging. Heck, I'm not even going to proof read before I hit "Publish Post." ...OK, that's a lie, but I'm not going to save it to post for later and end up getting it deleted like the last 2 posts I never got to post. (Insert sad face.)

So write everyday. I told myself that same thing not too long ago, then life gets in the way. Or rather, Facebook, I Am Pregnant (message board) and e-mails get in the way. I'd like to say that dishes and floor scrubbing and laundry folding gets in the way of writing, but alas, I'd be lying. However, lately, my chiropractic appointments have gotten in the way. My search for a painless life is still underway...

According to Ketut in the book, Eat, Pray, Love, I need to meditate on the pain...or the disappearance of pain I should say. But I'm afraid I have been born into the wrong culture. As a Westerner even a chiropractor is considered "out of the box". So to meditate away my back pain that has anatomically caused my pelvis to shift and tilt on it's axis is sort of...well, quackery. However, I'm at the end of my rope in a sense with this back pain, that I think I'll try anything. I've told myself for years that I would never to go a chiropractor, yet here I am, 10 sessions into it and I feel that aside from doing regular pilates and swimming laps, it is the only thing that seems to be helping.

Join me next month when I dare to try....acupuncture!

Please comment with your thoughts on chiro or acupuncture!

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