Blogger is the new facebook. (Or at least for me it is anyway.)

In an effort to redirect my few and far between "free time" moments into something more productive, I have decided to ditch my networking sites for the "pen" and focus more on my writing.  Over the years my hard bound leather journals and spiral notebooks have slowly and reluctantly been replaced by my new found friend; the lap top.  So this is where I'll continue to journal, to find the creativity that has been lost in the chaos of becoming a new mother, to post my photography, to rant and rave and of

...More soon to come.  Feel free to follow and comment as you please.  

*I shot this photo in June 07 on the east side of the Island of Kauai.


  1. Thanks Sista! ;-) Much love!

  2. Anonymous04 September

    hi Colleen. I hope you are well. I found your blog by heading back over to the pregancy site. Wow, how fast these babies grow up! Glad to see you and family are doing well.

  3. Hey KJ! How are you? Long time no chat!! How is that cutie Levi doing? My blogs are much different these days than in the preggo days! haha! I hope all is well! xo


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