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Sibling Irony #2 Presents: Preschooler Logic

Toddler:"Nooooooo Sissy!"
Mommy: "Don't kick your baby brother."
Preschooler:"I wasn't...  

...I was just using my feet."

Top 10 Signs You Have Officially Arrived in Toddlerville

One minute you have a tiny bundle of swaddled joy, and the next minute, that bundle is swinging from the cupboard door. If this sounds familiar to you, either you've already moved here or it's time to pack your bags.

Welcome to Toddlerville! We serve up crazy all day long! Everything is edible. The shriveled square of cheese in the corner, a Cheerio some other kid left in the shopping cart, cat food, dog poop…You’re exhausted all day long but have insomnia at 3:45am, and the only thing bouncing around in your brain is a song from The Wiggles.You have Play-Doh stuck in your hair, finger paint up to your elbows and you just sat in something sticky.The entire perimeter of your dining room table is engraved with ball point pen, and you can't get mad because it's a “picture of me giving my baby brother a love.”Tiny little hand prints cover every glass surface you own including the very top of your bathroom-sink mirror - and frankly, you’re afraid to ask about that one.You hav…

Sibling Irony #1 Presents: Mini Mama

It's ironic how big sissy can be loud and crazy when I'm trying to put her baby brother (a.k.a a real baby) to sleep for a nap but once her baby doll (a.k.a. a TOY) is taking a nap in the toy baby crib everyone in the house needs to tip-toe around and whisper....

Top 10 Unfortunate Places for Your Toddler to Throw a Tantrum

Let's face it, it's never really a good time for your toddler to throw a tantrum, but some places are just downright embarrassing (and some times are really poor timing) - especially if you've brought your child there to have fun. Even more so if you've just been talking about how good your toddler is. Here's are the top 10 places most moms I know would rather not deal with a raging toddler tantrum. At their own birthday party. At Gymboree, where literally nothing is off limits and every single surface is climbable. At the interview for that fancy private preschool you're hoping will give you a scholarship. As you're walking through the gates at Disneyland. During family night at your new parent education class, where you've spent 6 weeks learning a bunch of new tantrum-diffusing techniques (and none of them are working).  At your first outing with the new moms' club after you just spent 15 minutes telling everyone how effective your 6-week parenting cla…

I suppose I should blog about this stuff too...

Forgive me for a rather vague yet blunt post.

The past year has been extremely difficult for me personally despite some rather cool things that have gone on with me "professionally." My body has been in a lot of pain, I have had the most extreme fatigue I have ever experienced in my life, I'm constantly on the verge of tears or on the verge of screaming, and let's face it, I've just kind of been a miserable bitch due to all the stress and depression all of this has caused. I haven't been myself.  At the start of it all I had a back injury that lasted 8 weeks. I was not able to pick up my baby to nurse him, put him in and out of the crib, pick him up to change his diaper, you name it. So my mom drove a half hour (if there wasn't any traffic mind you) every single week day morning for 8 weeks to come and help me out as soon as my husband left for work and stayed until he walked in the door that evening. She literally did everything but nurse the baby!  I st…

Irresponsible Parenting 101 - Toddler Music Class

Baby Boy says, "I don't wanna work! I just want to bang on the drums all day! Costco." life as a mom.
Coco Cana

How Ironic #2

Baby Boy wants to wear my hats all the time or Sissy's hats all the time (in public of course!), or anything resembling a hat for that matter - a shirt, pair of pants, a box, a clothes hamper, paper grocery sack...but when the sun is beating down on us and we are outside playing and I want him to wear his hat he screams, flings it off like it's on fire and acts like I just threw his favorite toy car in the garbage disposal.

What a lil stinker!

*P.S. "Baby Boy" is just a month shy of turning 2. I guess he's not really a "baby" anymore...

cue the sad face with a single tear trickling down...

The Ricki Lake Show Made a Huge Impact On My Closet!

I watched the premier episode of The Ricki Lake Show today and it was really great. She's so spunky and fun and she has such a positive energy so it was really enjoyable to watch.
One of the segments was about a woman who at a young age had lost her husband while he was deployed in Iraq and he never got to meet their infant son. She was a single mom for several years but is now happily engaged. However, our pain manifests itself in many different ways whenever we have a traumatic experience or when we are dealing with stress, sadness, etc. and her's manifested itself into an extremely messy closet. She was hanging on to the past with her mess not knowing how to let it go. She kept avoiding cleaning it out and would find a million other things to do instead. Since she was a busy mom, a messy closet never took top priority. I can relate. I get so overwhelmed sometimes with being a stay-at-home-mom and the day-to-day mess of dishes, laundry and toys that major things like organi…

How Ironic #1

It's ironic that I couldn't find my organizing book, "The One-Minute Organizer" anywhere and then when I did finally find it, it was stashed under a pile of crap.


Introducing....My Video Blog Outtakes!

I had so much fun stepping out of my comfort zone the other day to make my (first ever) video blog for the Friends Of Ricki facebook community page. It was about how The Business Of Being Born impacted my birth. And it absolutely did! After I posted it I was looking through all the other takes (10 to be exact!) and I decided to teach myself how to edit them together in imovie for a silly little video. It was so much fun! Plus my crazy husband is in part of it too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did editing it! (I'm now as obsessed with editing as I am with writing!)

A fun problem to have! ;-) 

P.S. This was my very first editing job. If you are an editor for work, for fun projects or you work as an editor in the biz please watch something from this list of films. I f you have never edited anything before and you don't have the first clue how it's done, then for sure check out my new radical vid!

coco cana

*I'm not sure why my fonts and stuff are freaking out on here. Ou…

A Post A Day Project Day #5 - How The Friends of Ricki Community Has Impacted My Life.

So I logged onto the Friends Of RickiFacebook Page today to get my daily dose of positivity and I see that they are asking for videos talking about how the Friends Of Ricki community has impacted your life. I connected with this right away because recently I made my very first video blog for the FOR community talking about The Business Of Being Born, a wonderful film that spoke to me in so many ways and also had a major impact on my water birth with my youngest baby...and in the process I discovered that making a video blog was pretty darn fun too!

Here is my post talking about my Business Of Being Born video blog, A Post A Day Project - Day #4: Hoping To Share My Water Birth Story On The Ricki Lake Show!

After I posted my first (unedited) video to their FOR fb community page I decided to figure out how to edit all of my takes together to make a new video (and I had a lot of takes to choose from!)  I discovered this new found passion for editing that I kinda had a feeling would be th…