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Screen-Free Week April 30-May 5, 2013 - STARTS TODAY!

My cousin posted this yesterday and it was the first time I saw this particular event.  I've seen them in the past and always thought, "I should do that." and then I quickly forgot about it an hour later and I went to log on to the computer or turn on Disney Jr for the kids so I could cook dinner.

Screen-Free Week Fail #1.

My cousin said she was going to go screen-free for the week starting yesterday (a day early) and if you needed to contact her then do so via old school methods - the phone. Imagine that?  Phone calls that are friends wanting to chat as opposed to solicitors or the school principal.

So I thought I'd give it a go. But I'm going to be realistic about it at first. Try to ease into it on day 1-2-ish. I don't do well in cold-turkey/all-or-nothing situations. I have given myself permission to journal about it via my blog. My issue isn't the internet in general - my issue is facebook. (In more ways than 1, but that is another post for another …

Peace Rocks.

"Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be." -Wayne W. Dyer

The Trader Joe's Gourmet Presents: Pollo Asada Black Bean Chili w/ Farm Fresh Cilantro

So I'm not "officially" the Trader Joe's Gourmet, but I might as well be. I buy pretty much everything there and a lot of my recipes on here consist of ingredients you'll find at Trader Joe's. If you live in an area where it's too far away or you simply don't have one - GASP! - (my condolences) you can always find stuff similar elsewhere. After all, it's just food. BTW, I completely feel your pain if you like Trader Joe's but you don't have one in your area. There aren't any Trader Joe's in Hawaii and we lived there for a few years when we were first married and it was VERY hard for me to get used to not getting pretty much everything there. We also didn't have a Target. It was bad. I mean, no Target and no Trader Joe's?You call that paradise? jk.


So, this was dinner last night. I threw it together from stuff I had on hand and stuff that needed to be cooked so it didn't go bad and I also wanted to use some of th…

My Heart Goes Out To Boston. Trying to cope with tragedy while being a mom.

As a stay-at-home mom of two small children who are 5 and 2, my ability and willingness to stay informed via the television or internet news videos during a national tragedy is very limited. Like most moms of small children who are still at home during the day, I do not expose them to anything on the news - especially things of a graphic, tense, scary or disturbing nature. Therefore, I am somewhat in the dark when it comes to the intricate details of school shootings, theater shootings, mass bombings, or major natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis. Which I guess you could say is a good thing. I'm aware of them and my heart goes out to the victims and their loved ones but since I've become a mom, I'm just not devouring the details like everyone else. I learned my lesson with Columbine. There wasn't a detail about that entire experience I couldn't recite and it became very unhealthy.

Part of my reason for avoiding the details is that it…