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The Birthday Interview: 20 Questions For Your Child On Their Birthday (Revised)

My wild, carefree, Spirited Child, nature girl is turning 7 in a few days and I wanted to hold on to 6 for a bit longer and capture some of her 6 year old aspirations, hopes, wishes, dreams and things she holds dear to her heart. Over the next few days I will be asking her these questions and writing them down.

On the way to nature school today we were talking about her birthday and I asked her what were some cool things that happened during her 6th year and she said, "going to Legoland with her cousins, going to the aquarium, going to Disneyland with family friends, etc.," and I realized that I should probably ask her some more specific questions to really get a sense of who she is right now as opposed to just a laundry list of places we went to and spent money - even if they were fun experiences - I want to remember things that really matter like spending quality time with the people you love.

This year for her birthday she has decided she wants to take a 'real' su…