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Mom's To Do List. Wait, you made one...right?

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My Child Gets So Distracted!

Can you relate?  This can be very frustrating sometimes. Like when we are running late for preschool and she needs to go grab her sweatshirt off of the hook in her room "real quick" and minutes later I walk in there to find her on the floor surrounded by her Calico Critters*, lost in a make-believe world of super tiny animals and their even smaller hairbrushes, outfits and toys - her sweatshirt still hanging on her hook.

So when we are trying to get out the door in a hurry a sidetracked, easily distracted preschooler can make me want to pull my wet pony tail out.  (Wait...don't all mom's shove their wet hair into a pony tail before dropping their child off at preschool?  Hey, at least we're finally at the age of "mom gets a morning shower" now. The baby years...not so much.)

However, having a child who gets lost on the way from the kitchen to the bathroom and winds up in the playroom does have it's advantages. This is how it worked in my favor today:


Back To School: Preschool Earthquake Kit

“...there's no harm in hoping for the best as long as you're prepared for the worst.”
Stephen King,Different Seasons

Here is a list of items that have been requested by my daughter's preschool for her earthquake kit. I've been a stay-at-home-mom her whole life and never gave it a second thought that there might be a major, catastrophic emergency where she was NOT with me. *Cue the pit in my stomach.*  So here I am making a preparedness packet of items for my daughter to use at school in the event of an emergency (before I can get there to pick her up.)

I'm realizing that it would be a good idea to have these things in one spot at home too (like a big plastic bin/tub with a lid that sealed) along with plenty of bottled water.  Living in "earthquake country" we should already have this, and we do in our pantry - sorta... however, it should really be in one spot that can be grabbed quickly. It would be a good idea to change everything out once a year or onc…

Dear Neighbors, We Know Christmas Is Over But...

Dear Neighbors,       The removal of our blowup Santa Claus riding a motorcycle with a snowman in his side car on our lawn will be total and complete melt-down devastation to our 2 year old. So your help and understanding in this delicate matter will be greatly appreciated. Don't think of "Moto Santa" as a "Christmas decoration"...think of him as a garden gnome.
Sincerely,  The neighbors who still have up their Christmas decorations.  January 3, 2013

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