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My Spirited Crystal Wonder Girl - Part:1

I am the mother of a Spirited Child. She was brought here to take me on a journey to find myself, to better myself and to change who I am. I am exhausted. I feel like a failure most of the time because what works today will most likely not work tomorrow. I feel like I'm lost in the woods without any markers to get me home. I feel like a horse that is refusing to be broken...but knows I should be because then life will be a lot easier. You see, I too am a Spirited Child, so I'm stubborn. I too am strong willed, demanding, persistent, have big dreams and am far too observant for my liking... I too seek to change the world and demand greatness from others, especially when they are not living their true passions. I am the mother of a Spirited Child and these are my observations.

Part 1: A Rough Draft.

Her energy is unmatched and refuses to be harnessed. Her laugh can be heard miles away, her cries break the sound barrier, and the term, "Daredevil" doesn't even begin …

The Battle of Nigh-Nigh: Getting Our Spirited Child To Sleep.

When you were born and we finally got you to go down after many dances with daddy listening to soft music, you slept like a baby - you woke every two hours all throughout the night to nurse.  In between those hours you snuggled sweetly between daddy and I, swaddled in your baby blanket, or sometimes in your bassinet that was pushed right up against my body, not moving a muscle, your eyes closed tightly off in a baby wonderland.

As a one year old we were living in the land of the "Sleepy Drive."  This drive was our night time routine and it was carried out faithfully for God only knows how long. It actually started before you were a year old because we'd make the drive down to Poipu Beach when we were living on Kauai. But daddy and I actually enjoyed many of those quiet starlit evenings driving around in the dark through fields of tall cane grass until you drifted off to sleep. Once in bed however,  you woke every 45 minutes all throughout the night to nurse and nurse and…

Screen-Free Week April 30 - May 5, 2013 - Days 4, 5, 6, Updates

To Be Continued...
Come back soon for recaps from Screen Free Week. As for now I'm closing the lap top for the next few days and heading outdoors to play and to discover more adventures. This no TV, no iPad, no Facebook, no internet thing is really working for us.

Start here to read about our adventure from the beginning.

Screen-Free Week April 30 - May 5, 2013 - Day 3: Recap - Keep Calm and Carry On.

Day 3: Keep Calm and Carry On.  This is todays mantra.  
Day 3 of hardly any TV/iPad/internet was the first time I've felt some clarity and calmness in a very long time. True calmness felt deep down in my soul that wasn't going to be easily shaken by a toddler wobbler, a random car cutting me off, a mid-day traffic jam or two fighting kids while I'm trying to get dinner on the table. My breath matched my heart beat as I cleaned the kitchen and put away the dishes lost in my own thoughts of writing projects and how to fix our little world. Slow, steady, easy. I throughly enjoyed the sounds of my kids playing together, sharing, chatting with each other, teaching, learning and making big plans of what to do next. 
My thoughts were not preoccupied with something negative I had just read online or with something negative someone wrote on a message board or put as their facebook status. Negative words read somewhere carry over into our daily lives long after they were written o…

Screen-Free Week April 30 - May 5, 2013 - Day 2: "Mommy, What's a Hypocrite?"

DISCLAIMER: This is a potty mouth post. If you read my other stuff you will know that this is not my norm. But I'm detoxing (or trying to anyway) from all things internet/TV/iPad games/Facebook/Twitter...and it's not easy. This post kind of goes off the rails there at the end. 
So there you go.

Day 2. Hmmmm how do I word this so I don't sound like a terrible mother. ?  I can't really think of a clever way so I'll just tell ya how it all went down.

Early Morning on Day 2 of Screen Free Week:

"Kids, mommy is really tired because I didn't get enough sleep last night so I'm feeling pretty fussy and sleepy (Side note: I had the most wicked insomnia last night. It's like I'm pregnant or something.) I'd love to sleep a bit more so I don't have a tantrum. If you please stay in here and snuggle in bed with me you can watch Disney Junior on the iPad for a bit while mommy closes my eyes for a bit longer. Sound good?"  

"Awesome!  We get to w…

Screen-Free Week April 30 - May 5, 2013 - Day 1: Recap

Day 1 Recap:

Ummm.... well.....hmmmmm....Day 1 - Where do I begin exactly? -

The fact that my preschooler had a full on WWIII, 4-Alarm melt down that lasted about an hour when I told her, "The iPad was taking a vacation and we couldn't watch it/play a game and needed to find something else to do" made me really realize two things:

This was going to be harder than I thought - A LOT HARDER - for both of us.My family NEEDS this week of no screen time more than I realized.

The day started off fine (in regards to no TV/iPad that is) because we were off and running early in the morning to take everyone to their little classes. My preschooler takes a class by herself at the nature center where she can be one with nature and all of the bugs. So no iPad there and no TV either. Ever. I've never even see one of the workers or volunteers there even holding a cell phone much less actually using one. It seems pretty taboo there. I like that.

My little guy and I take a mommy and me…