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Aloha Cutie and Lots o' Curls & Bows!

Summer's first hair bows~15 1/2 months old

She's still deciding if she likes them or not.

Too many bows mama!

Is that the sweetest little baby pony tail you've ever seen? I guess it's more like a pig tail!

She held still just long enough for me to snap a pic of her curls!

Our little Island Princess (and her credit card!)

So Summer finally will let me put a bow in her hair and she looks so cute! However, most of the time she will rip it out, throw her bow on the floor then step on it as she's walking away! Little stinker! But I was able to get a few pics of her in her cute little aloha dress, and a few in her baby pig tails. I love my little princess baby!

She dropped her toys in the box, folks!

Wow, this baby girl changes so much each day!  I just can't believe it.  Today at Gymboree we started singing the huge crowd pleaser, "the clean up, clean up song" and I watched Baby Girl as the teacher was heading for the center of the room with her "busy box" ready to scoop up every last toy.  This is not our favorite part. I could almost see her thinking, "wait a sec...this is the part of the class I DON'T like!"  And we all start singing so Baby Girl stands up and I thought for sure we were gonna have a runner, but she watched in awe at how other kids were actually putting their toys away.  So she thought she'd give it a try.  She muscled her way through the crowd of 10-15 months old babies, got to the edge of the toy box, reached over and dropped the toy she had in her left hand.  "Good girl Baby!  Mama's so proud of you!"  She looked longingly at the toy she just let go of, having second thoughts and was just about to drop …

A Toddler and Her New Love, The Baby Monitor.

Isn't it funny how you can be around other people's children all the time and you don't really notice all the little things as much; the milestones, the progress, the subtle changes. But of course when they are your own, you marvel in the smallest things!

Lately, it's almost daily that Baby Girl is doing something new and makes me think, "oh my gosh, my little baby girl is getting so big!" And although my heart is soaring for her, it sinks a little too as I think about the tiny infant who couldn't even hold her head up or uncurl her little baby fingers just a short time ago. And now she's almost 16 months old!
So yesterday she walked over to the table and grabbed her baby monitor and was walking around with it, holding it by the very end tip of the antennae. You know, a good sturdy spot. And ever since we've been going to Gymboree (the Play and Music Place), I have been trying to do some similar things here at home that we do there, like have t…

Ahhh...Saturday morning pilates in the park!

So refreshing, so relaxing, so invigorating and such a great way to start off the day!  I was chatting with Carmen (one of the ladies in my class) and we were talking about group classes indoors vs. outside in the fresh air and the warm breeze, and we like it outside so much better!  Every Saturday we see either butterflies, humming birds, dragon flies, or sometimes we see everything as we lie in the shade under the canopy of trees taking deep breaths in and exhaling everything out.  Calm, serene, beautiful.
I love it!

*Poipu Beach palm tree, Kauai.

Blogger is the new facebook. (Or at least for me it is anyway.)

In an effort to redirect my few and far between "free time" moments into something more productive, I have decided to ditch my networking sites for the "pen" and focus more on my writing.  Over the years my hard bound leather journals and spiral notebooks have slowly and reluctantly been replaced by my new found friend; the lap top.  So this is where I'll continue to journal, to find the creativity that has been lost in the chaos of becoming a new mother, to post my photography, to rant and rave and of

...More soon to come.  Feel free to follow and comment as you please.  

*I shot this photo in June 07 on the east side of the Island of Kauai.