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First Week Of Summer Vacation Screen Free Challenge!

It's that time again. The kids are way too fussy and have been constantly bickering with each other and the TV has been on too much...I feel like they are linked together.

So since today was officially the last day of Pre-K and my daughter is officially off on her way to kindergarten I have decided to officially start a new summertime tradition!

In order to get summer break off on the right foot I hereby proclaim that the first week of summer vacation shall forever remain SCREEN FREE forever and ever and ever - or until they are old enough to pay their own bills.

OK, now that the official business is out of the way-

If you'd like to join me then here's the deal, this goes for parents too - not just kids and teens.

Summer vacation is the season of FREEDOM!
The season of EXPLORATION!
The season to FIND YOURSELF!
The season of ADVENTURE!
The season of LOVE!

So why not free yourself from the shackles of email, facebook, twitter, and all manner of smart phone notifications an…