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My Most Popular Ecard On Pinterest To Date: Memo To Smokers

So I have been having a little too much fun creating those funny, terribly sarcastic someecards. It's kind of right up my alley right now because each picture is like a perfect little writing prompt. Great for when I have writers block and need a lil fix o' funny.

So tonight I wrote this card and in a little over an hour it has been pinned like a whole bunch of times which is crazy and makes me crack up. I think everyone knows someone that fits this very attractive mold of a lovely smoker.

If sarcasm is your jam then check out my other someecards on my Pinterest board called:
My Funny One Liners

Simple Snacktime Solutions for Kids

Kid food.

This can rule your life if you let it. Sometimes we think it's "easier" to buy a bunch of prepackaged "kid meals" like lunchables, toddler meals in the baby food isle, etc., to have quick meals ready to go and those do have their place for once-in-a-while meals, but for everyday eating it's best to make stuff at home. Small children are still growing and the last thing they need is to be pumped full ofsugar, sodium, chemical pesticides, GMO, non-organic foods (meaning foods that are full of chemical pesticides.) Almost everything you will buy in a package that is designed to sit on a shelf for any period of time will contain most if not all of these yucky things listed above.

A tiny, growing body doesn't need any of that. In fact, it's hurting them in the long run to be honest.

I will be adding to this list of snack ideas so please check back!  A lot of it is homemade, most of it is organic and some of it will be store bought items like cr…

Parenting Advice: Letting Some Things Slide

When you are pregnant with baby #1 you buy all of these super cute baby clothes thinking that you'll be spending most of your day parading them around in super cute outfits. In reality, (if you even get out of the house at all in the first 3 months other than to go to midwife appointments/doc appointments) you probably don't make it out of the house in the first outfit you chose because chances are they have pooped it up before you leave.

This was my first parenting lesson in letting things like super cute baby outfits slide.
(Tip: If I really wanted them to wear something specific for a holiday or a picture or something I'd take the outfit with me and change them into it right before the event. It's still not a guarantee though.) 
When your child is a small baby you still have complete control over what they wear out in public and if you're doing it right, you give up control the minute your child expresses any interest in what they want to wear. I feel very stron…