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Take it while you can get it.

Well, it's 4 pm and everyone just fell asleep. Birdie fell asleep in her high chair while she was eating her very late lunch and Baby Boy just fell asleep on the nursing pillow, and you know what? I'll take it. Yes it's after 4pm and my 3 yr old toddler who normally wakes up from her nap at this time will probably be a wild maniac at 9pm...but I'll take it because I NEED it. I need a bit of peace and quiet without someone yelling at me for something. It's been one of those days and everyone has been yelling all day long.

Today is the second day it has rained so we're quite crazy around here. Yesterday it rained REALLY bad and I had Bay with me all day at a baby shower an hour away. So Dada was home with Birdie all day long, totally cooped up in the house as it dumped buckets of rain all day long without a single moment of a break and she did not nap all-day-long. That is rough. He was pretty frazzled when I got home and I don't blame him. I've b…