The Life of a 17 month old Toddler

17 months and counting...

Baby Girl's new words are:

*row, row, row...(as in the song)
*blue (and she'll point to the blue flower on her wall by her changing table.)
*nose (while she is pointing at it)
*color (which sounds like "GaGa")...but she is using it in the correct context, so I'll give it to her!
*diaper "die-die" (and she'll pat her diaper.)
*Yea-Yea! (when you ask her a question, do you want to do....?) or she'll say;

And last but not least, her new word is:
-We're not really sure what it means, but she sure says it over and over and with gusto! So it obviously means SOMETHING!! Sometimes it's a question, sometimes it's a statement, sometimes she sings it sweetly pairing it with "Dada" and sometimes it's like she is getting ready to karate chop something. Aside from "Dada," it's her favorite word.

She is still saying:
*I love you
*mum mum (which is for the baby cracker "mum mums", but she says it for all manner of yummy/crunchy/sweet/cookie/cracker thing.)
*up! (which also means in give me my freedom from whatever situation I want out of!)
*dog a.k.a: "gug"
*hello? (which sounds like He-woa?) She says it whenever any type of "phone noise" is made.

She makes a cute noise when she is eating something yummy, like mmmMMMmmm! It's very sing-songy and cute.

She makes the sign for:
*milk (milkies)
*all done (She also says, "all gone" while she is making the sign, which also means, "all done.")
*diamond (as in Twinkle Twinkle Little a diamond in the sky...blah, blah, blah)
and she does these little "pincher fingers" which translates into "gimmie...."
She'll also make "diamond" when I ask her to say please. Very cute! Like a little present she is giving me.

She'll pat her diaper when you ask her where her diaper is.
She pull up her shirt when you ask her where her belly button is and she'll point to it.
She'll point to her toes and her hair whenever we sing this one song at Gymboree that mentions "toes" and "hair".

She'll eat her whole meal, drop food on the floor (because she's done) and wouldn't take money if you offered it to her to finish her meal. However, the minute you put her down, finding the food on the floor is like striking gold and you sitting down to eat your breakfast has suddenly made her starving to death and she MUST HAVE whatever you are eating. Even if you literally just took her out of her high chair because she was "all gone."

She loves to push buttons, turn on and off the fan and her music in her crib. She likes to send daddy a "text" on the blackberry and listen to music and babble to her monkey and dance and sing songs with mama. She is always walking around singing a little song that only she knows the words and the tune.

She now puts her toys away when we sing the "Gymboree Clean Up-Clean Up Song"...we've learned to love that song as it has come in handy, but it took a while.

She loves to sit in her little chair and watch Baby Einstein DVD's and eat mum mums.

She loves stickers and has a sticker chart and is TOTALLY aware when mama says, "Don't fuss while I'm wiping off your face/changing your diaper/wiping your nose and you'll get a sticker." And she makes sure that a sticker is produced when you promise said sticker! Her favorite thing is to pull the stickers off her "Good Girl Sticker Chart" and stick and re-stick them on anything and everything until there is no stick left in the sticker.

She loves to walk in other people's shoes. Literally.

She laughs whenever I say, "Dada" or, "say hi to dada."

Whenever I say "no" to something her response is, "Dada!"

She'll give you a hug or a kiss or do the same to her monkey or baby doll and she always says "Awwwwww!" (Like, "awww, how sweet!")

And the best of all, she'll come running into my arms when I scrunch down and hold my arms open to her. I love it! She's my little sweetheart who is almost 18 months old! Where did the time go??

I guess I better get her 1 year pictures taken soon, huh??


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