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Daily Gratitude Journal: I'm Grateful for the Sea

It's been a while since I've written a "Daily" Gratitude Journal Post. Today is the day to get back on that way of thinking. However, today it's easy to sit down and take a few minutes for myself. We are on vacation with my in-laws down at the beach so there are two extra people to keep our three children entertained while I quietly slip out to the front porch, latte in hand, by myself to smell the salt air and feel the familiar chill of a beachy summer morning that provides the perfect lazy backdrop of relaxation in it's overcast, misty air. Some might call it gloomy. Today I call it glorious.

Armed with a newfound optimism, I'm grateful for so many things and since we're not home drowning in piles of clean laundry and piles of dirty laundry and piles of the yet-to-be-determined-by-the-sniff-test-only laundry that resides boldly between the two; I can breathe. 

Since I'm not walking through a crumbling kitchen held up by stacks of paper, stacks o…