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Preschool Craft: Halloween Kitty Cat

It's Halloween. Time to make a black kitty cat for your door. 
This is an easy craft for you to do with your preschooler because you most likely have the supplies already. They can learn about different colors and shapes in the process, as well as cut the shapes themselves (if you feel they are ready) and glue the shapes to the plate.  Whatever color construction paper you have on hand will work well.  I had some glitter paper in our crafting drawer so I used that. 
Here's What You'll Need For Your Halloween Cat:
Construction Paper (Multiple colors.)Scissors (adult scissors and/or preschool scissors.)Glue (Elmer's glue and a glue stick.)Q-tip (for the Elmer's glue.)Paper PlateHole PunchRibbon (to hang the plate.)

Time to cut the shapes.  Feel free to cut everything free form unless your preschooler is going to be doing the cutting. Then it's best to trace the shapes on the paper. As you can see here I chose to cut everything free form to give it more of a "home…

DIY Mama! Preschool Halloween Goodie Bags & Teachable Moments: Name Tags

My daughter's preschool is having a little Halloween party next week so we're making some goodie bags for all of the kids in her class. She goes three days a week so she'll actually be going to two Halloween parties at her school, so we decided to make bags for both parties. She only has about 8 kids in each class with a teacher and a helper (which is AWESOME!) We love her school and her teachers and feel very blessed to be there because she loves going to school. It took a while to find a good fit, but now we're finally in a preschool we all like and in one we feel works well with what our "preschool objectives" are.

She wanted to put each child's name on the bags so I was trying to think of something cute.  We ended up making name sticks together.  I made something similar to this for Valentine's Day with hearts that my daughter colored instead of rectangles and it came out pretty cute so we decided to try it for Halloween.

We're going to put th…

DIY Mama! Halloween Costumes: Paint Your Preggo Belly Like a Jack-o-Lantern!

DIY Mama! Homemade Halloween Costumes Featuring: Mama Pumpkin!!

The little ones can't have all the fun this Halloween.  If you are rocking the preggo belly in full swing this candy grabbin' season, go all out and flaunt that cute baby belly of yours!

That is exactly what a friend of mine did the night before her October Baby was born!

Mama Pumpkin decided to entertain her hubby by painting her baby belly to look like a Jack-o-Lantern. The awesome part is, she did it herselfupside down in the mirror!  That is some pretty stellar painting skills I have to say. It looks so perfect I assumed she had it done at a face painting place or something. I'm not even sure I could do that good of a job painting someone else's preggo belly, let alone my own - at 9 months pregnant!  I was lucky if I saw my belly button so there was no way I could paint steady lines on that puppy.

But not Mama Pumpkin!  She was all baby and figured since that was as big as she was going to get on her la…

Halloween Top Ten - But Mommy, I want to be a [fill in the blank]!

Picking my daughter's Halloween costume used to be pretty simple when she was a baby and a toddler. We liked Disney, she liked princesses - our decision was made before we even went shopping. For her first Halloween she was Tinkerbell(Mommy's pick), second she was Snow White(Daddy's pick) and for her third Halloween she chose Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. This year I thought it'd be a no-brainer - till she threw me a total curve ball. Can you guess which one? So in the spirit of Trick or Treat, here are 6 costume conflicts to let you know you're not alone.
The Toddler Boy
Your choice That cool NASA astronaut costume Dad just knew he'd love
His choice What he wore to the grocery store last Tuesday: cowboy boots, monkey PJs, torn superman cape, pirate eye patch and Buzz Light Year gloves – or he’ll throw a fit.

The Toddler Girl
Your choice A cute little bumble bee with glitter wings and black-and-yellow striped tights
Her choice The tall, bumpy red thing with fa…

DIY Mama! Homemade Halloween Costumes! Would You Like To Be Featured?

Are you a crafty mama who's having a ghoulishly good time making your child's Halloween costume?  Are you dying to share your creative side with the world?  Would you like to take a stab at having your talents displayed on My Tales From The Crib?

Alright, alright, you get the point. 

I am featuring some talented mama's who are willing to treat us all by giving up their tricks on how they made their child's costume. If this is you and you'd like to be featured on the My Tales From The Crib - DIY Mama!  Homemade Halloween Costumes (2012 segment), then submit your pics and info to me by Friday, October 26, 2012 (evening-ish)for a chance to be featured on our blog!

Here's what I'll need from you:

A list of the stuff you bought and a list of the stuff you made.A brief "How To" list on the stuff you made.A few pictures of the costume and one with your child* wearing it. (*Optional)A little back story behind the costume. Who's idea was it and why?Follow…

UPDATED - Happy Fall! Who Wants A FREE Pumpkin Spice Latte?


OK, you're right, I went there. No shame.

Raffle Time!

I have a $5.00 Starbucks gift card with someone's name on it for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, in honor of my absolute favey fall drink.

OK, OK, you can get whatever you want. Salted Caramel Mocha, Tazo Green Tea Latte, Orange Mango thingy...whateves.

How to enter:

Simply follow my blog.  Click on the "join" button to the right of the blog under, "The Christmas Card List" to do so. You can even use your google account now too. Then comment on this blog post to let me know you'd like to enter the raffle and after 25 total blog followers (I know, sad huh?...) I will pick a winner and announce it on my blog, my facebook page as well as on my twitter.

If you get a friend to follow too I'll enter you twice!  Three for get the picture.

Already a blog follower?  THANK YOU first of all - and second, you can join my twitter or facebook page to enter.

I'll be doing Mom Of…

I Love You! I Accept You! No Strings Attached!

Today the Friends Of Ricki facebook page asked this question:
Do you love and accept your children for who they are with  no Strings Attached?

I do and it inspired me to write this post. I absolutely love my children with no strings attached. I appreciate them for who they are and for the very different personalities they both have and I try to foster their creativity and passions even at such a young age. It's easier with my 4 1/2 yr old daughter who loves art and music, swimming, tae kwon do, etc., because she is more vocal with what she wants to do. But we're also learning with our lil guy who will turn 2 tomorrow! 

He loves to dance so I try to play music for him everyday so he can get his boogie on! He goes crazy for So You Think You Can Dance and he tries to copy their moves whenever he's watching or hears music. His favorite dancer was Cyrus and he would just go wild watching him dance. He also loves to dress up in his sissy's princess dresses, high heel shoes, …

A Morning of Clarity and Inspiration.

Last weekend I went to the Mom Entrepreneur Success Conference 2012 through the National Association for Balanced Moms and it was a wonderful experience. I was their caption contest winner from a picture that was posted on their facebook page (see below).  It was posted back in July 2012 when the movie Magic Mike was in theaters and there was a lot of buzz surrounding the movie so that became my inspiration for what I wrote for the caption contest.

Hello! Did you see it? OOOOOOMMMGGG! You should really see the movie if you haven't already... 


So one of the prizes to choose from was a ticket to the conference in September 2012. I'm glad I chose that prize because it was really inspiring!

Two amazing women I met that day are the ladies from Mama-Time.

They are Shaila Saint and Mollie Bennettand they offer up plenty of positive, inspiring and informative goodness for women and moms.

Need a new Monday morning ritual? 

Staring Monday, October 8, 2012 you can join them for…

Do You Use Your Wedding China?

I was just putting away my dishes and noticed that the "everyday" dinnerware we got for our wedding has a lot of chips, scratches and dings in it. Mostly from being washed in the dishwasher which is unfortunate.  My dishes are getting ruined because I'm using a device that is supposed to be a more efficient and convenient way to wash my dishes. I was just thinking that I'm glad my wedding china isn't all dinged up.  But then again, we don't really use our wedding china. Our "everyday" dishes are well loved and get eaten off of...well, everyday.

I usually bring out our wedding china for holiday dinners and stuff like that, but so far I haven't let the kids eat off of it. I probably should. What good are dishes doing me when they are wrapped up in tissue in our china cabinet only to be brought out at special occasions - but only for the adults?

Do you have wedding china?  And if so, do you use it?  Do you let your kids eat off of it?  Why?  Why no…

The next time my kids fight, I just might break out into song.

My funny friend Regina posted this on her facebook page and I just cracked up, so I had to share it here.

I have a 4 1/2 year old and an almost 2 year old (in 3 days actually!), so I find myself yelling "STOP!" quite often.  I'm either yelling "STOP!" because I'm keeping someone from running out into the street, keeping someone from reaching up to touch a hot stove or I'm keeping them from shredding a toy in half with the toy tug-of-war/screaming match that is going on over here on a daily basis.

I feel like a traffic cop with how much I'm yelling "STOP!"  So the next time I yell, "STOP!" I just might break out into song!  The tough part is choosing which one.

What's your fave?  Comment below!

P.S. This is just another example of why I loved my whole water birth/home birth experience. Regina was my nurse at the birth center.  I say, "my nurse" because at the time, she was the only nurse who took care of all the mom…