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What is Facebook So Afraid Of?

Not everyone in corporate America is afraid of breastfeeding...
I was very pleased when I opened my new Babies R Us coupon mailer to find not only a coupon for 20% off any item (score!) but much to my surprise and joy there is a very sweet picture of a beautiful mother breastfeeding her precious baby. What is so unusual about a picture capturing a tender moment between mother and child in a Babies R Us ad, you ask?  Well, this mother is lovingly breastfeeding her sweet little baby outside at the park without a cover.  

Let me repeat that in case the significance of photo like this making it's way onto a print ad for a huge company might have been lost on someone.Boppy and Babies R Us have chosen to champion and promote the normalization of breastfeeding by placing a photo of a mother discretely BREASTFEEDING her baby OUTSIDE in PUBLICWITHOUT A COVER!Kudos to Boppy and Kudos to Babies R Us!  As a breastfeeding mother, Ithank you for supporting the normalization of breastfeeding and f…