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Water Baby

Pool is ready, water is warm,
midwife, doula, hubby and me, I will not conform.
I'm breathing the way I need to, moving the way I need to, walking when I need to, squatting when I need to.
Pacing the rooms, my feet are bare, our lives on these walls, and soon baby is there.
I'm eating because I need to, drinking when I need to, only talking when I need to, peacefully quiet because I need to.
Coldplay on the itunes, fresh flowers wafting through, feeling confident and strong my body knows just what to do.
Laughing when I need to, closing my eyes because I need to, crying when I need to, reaching out for you because I need you.
Room filled with soft whispers, the only light is in the hall, warm water pouring over my back, not feeling rushed at all.
Rocking when I need to, humming when I need to, blocking out what I need to, drawing inward because I need to.
Pain ever present, feeling like I need to push, my body taking over, water breaking there's t…

Thank you for your support!

I wanted to take this time to send out a thank you for your love and support with my story, "Thank You For Coming To Me Baby Brother."

Many of my facebook family and friends voted for my story and so many of you promoted it on your page and got your friends and family and co-workers, etc. to vote too and I appreciate that so much! I still have a few more raffles to pick too, so stay tuned! I'll be writing a blog post to thank all of you individually who supported my little story, so I'll share that on here as well. I have not forgotten you and I appreciate you very much!

The MeeGenius contest is officially over and it appears that they have decided not to choose "Baby Brother" as a semi finalist. They will announce the semi-finalists officially on Jan 31st. I wrote them an email last week asking them if they already sent out the emails but I read it on their facebook page today that they have already chosen them and sent out emails. The number of semi…