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Halloween Night With A 3 Year Old: Episode 1

The scene: Halloween night....
The location: Your neighbor's porch.
The cast: Your 3 year old daughter.

You walk up to the door with your child, "Trick or Treat!" They reach into a big bowl full of little snickers, reese's pb cups, m&m's, twix and other chocolatey delights. Then, under a milkey way you spot...the Dots. The bogus, lame chewy things that stick to all of your back teeth. Inside you are screaming, "NO! Don't do it! Reach left, LEEEEFT!"...but alas, they pick up "the dots." And you walk away all sad and chocolateless.

...."Saaaay thaaaank yooooou....."

What is the deal with Dots anyway? Sweet score or totally bogus?

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The Toddler Gourmet: SNACKS-Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Toast. It's sure to pass the yummy test!

For our first edition of The Toddler Gourmet I thought I'd give a shout out to my favorite season, Pumpkin Season! Having two kids who are eating regular meals now, I need to get creative as to what to fix so that they can both eat the same thing so I don't feel like a short order cook. My lil guy who is a year old already (that year whizzed by, let me tell you!) just got the OK from our ped to start eating peanut butter. And since no one in our family, immediate or extended is allergic to peanuts, I figured that would be a great snack to help fill him up.

My good friend Leah gave me some awesome pumpkin butter for my birthday (thanks Leah!) and we've been putting it on our toast in the morning. One day by accident because I was so sleep deprived I spread pumpkin butter on my already peanut buttered toast and...VoilĂ , Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Toast was born! I let my daughter have a bite and all I heard were the "yummy noises" and the fact that I needed to…

Dear Fachebook

I see you... making all of your changes without any warning. I'm just waiting for the day were you go all "netflicks" on us and start charging for what used to be free (streaming video) because we're hooked now.  You're just waiting til all of us millions and millions of people totally give up using the phone and email and face-to-face conversations to communicate with one another and only click "like" as our total form of communication on a myriad of topics (which is kinda like now) because we'll eventually be too lazy to even type a comment and come the charges....but we're sucked in now-for years some of us, so we'll just pay it because everyone and their grandma's dog Mr. Fluffy Pants are already too addicted to the social network to give up the we'll gladly pay the $29.95 per year to stay in the loop with our "close friends" , our "family", our "co-workers", our "frienen…

For The Love of God...Please Nap.

I find the inspiration to write from many things. Some of it comes from conversations or things I've read from other moms' posts, a lot of it comes from the funny things my daughter or husband says. Today it comes from my total lack of finesse for putting my 8 mo old down for a nap. Usually I'm a pro at taking a sleeping baby from my arms and laying him in his crib, slipping my arm out from under his head and sneaking off into the other room. I've even been able to transfer a sleeping infant from a car seat to the crib without so much as a peep, which is usually the kiss of death. Today...not so much.

It started out well. I nursed Little Man in the morning where, usually he will fall asleep for about an hour. This is his "morning nap." I stood up, changed the position of my arms (baby still asleep), walked into his room and was pretty sloppy in putting him down because my back was hurting a bit (another issue...grrr.) And he did that ticked off flopping…

Doing What I Love...A Tribute To My Mom

My mom is retiring from the school district this year after working there for 23 years. She started out as a Written Language Instructor in a program called Back to Back. In a nut shell, she taught a creative writing class to elementary school students. Can you imagine a class like that existing today in a public school? It's a shame that after 9 very successful years they lost funding and cut the program and all of those wonderful stories and ideas and a place to get those creative juices flowing out of those little kids was just gone. Several years later she had her full circle moment at Pavilions where a young man came up to her and said, "Excuse me? Are you Mrs. D-----?" and she said, "yes?.....Oh hi Scott!" and he was talking about her creative writing class and he told her how much he loved it and that it was so inspiring to him and it meant so much to him after all these years that he decided to become a journalism major in college. It was a ve…

Random Thoughts...

It's pretty bad when you find a thing of leftovers in the fridge and think, "now when did I cook that?"

It's even worse when you smell it, kinda shrug, smell it again - but like you're trying to take the color out of it or something, nose almost touching the food, shrug again, then take a bite.

Need to get back on track!

OK the madness has got to stop! We got into a really bad habit during our move of eating crap food, going through the drive thru, eating way too much ice cream after dinner....buying ice cream by the gallon and then when it runs out we replace it pretty much within a day or so...this is not normal behavior for us at all and it has got to stop. I'm pretty bummed because we did so well a few months back when we took part in a weight loss challenge but because of being so stressed out from the move we ate really bad food to deal with our stress, so we've gained a lot of it back. Which is hard to admit. I don't know how much because I don't know where our scale is, (part of that is I haven't actually looked for it...) but I can feel in my clothes that I have gained weight back and I can tell from how I look that I have gained weight back. Just in time for summer, right? Ugh.

I need to start drinking water more, I need to just say "no" in the store so I …

Created a Monster?

Ok so I *might* have created a little monster here...not sure. But this morning I was making a latte (hooray for home espresso machines btw!) and I was using coconut cream creamer and Summer wanted to smell it saying she LOVES coconut...?...She's never had it, LOL, anyway so I let her smell it and she wanted to have some. So I put a teaspoon in her milk and she FLIPPED out! She absolutely loved it and now...well, let's just say I hope I didn't create a monster here, haha. At least she drank her milk, right?

Random Thoughts...

I love how I'll look at a large thing of Coconut Cream flavored creamer at the store and think, "damn, that's expensive" because it's $4.50 but I don't think twice when I'm at the drive thru at Starbucks and I order a caramel frappuccino and they say, "that will be $5.50 at the next window" and I'm like. OK.

Everywhere But The Burpie Cloth! Top 10 Places I Never Expected To Find Baby Barf

1.) Running down my cleavage and pooling in the fabric of my bra waiting to drench my stomach.

2.) Dripping from the seam of my dining room table where it pulls apart for a leaf.
3.) The back of the couch...the part that is not accessible due to it being right up against the wall and windows.
4.) Inside the bottom drawer of the refrigerator.
5.) Completely drenching my husband's watch. As if he marinated it in a bucket of barf.
6.) Dripping down the back of my calves into my socks and shoes.
7.) The foot pedals of the elliptical machine and the innermost workings of the wheels.
8.) Inside a brand new purse....that had just gotten filled with everything I own.
9.) Computer keyboard.
10.) Directly into the mouth from flying baby superman position. Hey, I warned my husband about that one.

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Take it while you can get it.

Well, it's 4 pm and everyone just fell asleep. Birdie fell asleep in her high chair while she was eating her very late lunch and Baby Boy just fell asleep on the nursing pillow, and you know what? I'll take it. Yes it's after 4pm and my 3 yr old toddler who normally wakes up from her nap at this time will probably be a wild maniac at 9pm...but I'll take it because I NEED it. I need a bit of peace and quiet without someone yelling at me for something. It's been one of those days and everyone has been yelling all day long.

Today is the second day it has rained so we're quite crazy around here. Yesterday it rained REALLY bad and I had Bay with me all day at a baby shower an hour away. So Dada was home with Birdie all day long, totally cooped up in the house as it dumped buckets of rain all day long without a single moment of a break and she did not nap all-day-long. That is rough. He was pretty frazzled when I got home and I don't blame him. I've b…