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Daily Gratitude Journal: The Calm After The Storm


I realized I needed to sit down and focus on what I'm grateful for before I blow a gasket. I'm seeing a pattern here of me getting incredibly frustrated at some point during the day and then realizing I need to sit down and reconnect with my gratitude. 
One of our dear children was playing around in the bathroom which resulted in an almost clogged toilet, and an entire roll of toilet paper and the plastic spinner (both at different times) go for a swim with a brown trout in the Yellow River. 
Not cool! 
Then Mr. Baby Love himself decided to flood his new high chair with poop. I say "flood" because if you are familiar with the poop of a breastfed baby then you're aware of the gold-ish, brown-ish, liquid baby poop of which I speak. 
Mix that in with a fussy, overtired, hungry baby who just took a post-poop explosion tub, fold in two overtired, and overexposed kids from too much sun and fun from the water park, swirled around with them not wanting to take a tub…

#MySundayPhoto and Post 5-31-15

I am posting this photo twice on my blog this week. Once for #MySundayPhoto hosted by  and once for #SilentSunday hosted by 

In an effort to follow the strict rules for Silent Sunday (absolutely no words.  Nada.  Zip.  Not even a title or link, etc.,) I decided to separate the two posts.  I am a writer after all and writing absolutely nothing at all and then hitting "publish" took me waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone!  Like I lost a limb or something.  OK, let's not go overboard here, but if you are a writer and have been since 1st grade like I have been, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

I love the idea of a photography post. I don't normally post pictures of my kids on here where you can see their entire face.  It kind of makes me cringe a bit. Can't totally explain it where it sounds rational to almost every other mom blogger/dad blogger out there, but I just have a thing about that as I've talked about in t…

#SilentSunday 5-31-15


Daily Gratitude Journal: Saturday Day #2

Today has already seen some battle scars and it's just barely the mid afternoon. We had a tiny glass bowl with freshly prepared, homemade organic carrots for the baby get knocked off the table, crashing to the floor that ended in tiny glass shards mixed with bright orange puree all over the kitchen. I even found a chunk of glass down the hall, around the corner under a blanket along with my patience. 

Today's lesson: No glass bowls for baby food. I hold it anyway, but still. 

However, my husband did wake before me taking the crying baby to the diaper changing area. He then proceeded to entertain said baby while I slept. Upon waking up #AwesomeHusband took it upon himself to make the family, "Surfer's Delight" a dish he invented which is basically a fancy breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs & melted cheese, crispy bacon, crispy hash browns rolled in a buttered pan fried tortilla, served with Cholula. 

"Yes, Please!"

Yes he really is a keeper!  Did I me…

Daily Gratitude Journal: Friday Day #1

I just read a post by Mummy and Monkeys  where she writes a weekly gratitude list of 5 things and it really inspired me to write my own list. At this point in my life I need to try to do this daily. My littlest guy just turned 6 months old today! 

Happy half a year my sweet little love! 

Why I'm doing this: I also have a 7 year old and a 4 & 1/2 year old. I've been homeschooling this year for 1st grade for the first time on top of having a newborn and so life has been challenging to say the least. I have dealt with postpartum depression (PPD) in the past and I feel like I have been dealing with it again this time around as well. So for these reasons I really need to do a daily gratitude list for myself. 

My Daily Goal: I will take a picture each day that brings me happiness as well and post it along with my list of 5 things I'm grateful for. I invite you to do the same!  These are not listed in order of importance. That is too much pressure for this writing exercise. I am…

This Is My Motherhood: Mundane Monday Morning

Nursing and nursing and nursing the baby My life once again as full-time milk lady.  Turning off lights Putting out fights Ballet today.  Better find shoes and tights.
Reminding kids about making good choices. Reminding kids to use inside voices. "Everybody go outside!" "Careful at the top of the slide!" "Stop fighting!" Baby's biting- everything in sight.  Teeth coming in- "Rub their gums with gin?!" Ridiculous, crazy, outdated advice! Found out that our playgroup has lice.
Springtime breakfast picnic outside.  From the bathroom I'm aware the baby just cried. 
...Another fish died?
Mama doing chore after chore.  "Be as loud as you guys want as long as you close the door!" Laundry and dishes piled up to ceilings Reminding me of those PPD feelings. 
Buying food,       prepping food,            cooking food,                serving food,                     "Eat your food."                     “I don’t want food.”                clearing food,    …

This Is My Motherhood: Capturing The Moments Of Motherhood With A New Baby

I'm sitting in my rocking chair. The rocking chair that has helped me nourish my 5 month old baby almost every day of his life. This rocking chair has become a part of my body. This is where my kids find me when they wake up in the morning. This is where my husband kisses me as he's leaving for work. This is where he finds me when he comes home for lunch and then again when he comes home for dinner. This is where I try to find ways to heal my PPD. Every sleepless night, during all of the cluster feedings, all of the growth spurts, the colic, the colic and the colic - my little nursling and me. My comfortable rocking chair.

The kids are 7, 4 & a half and 5 months old. I'm exhausted and This Is My Motherhood:

Rocking chair sitting tall
Breast pads in big boxes
Big breasts in worn out nursing bras.
Breastfeeding pillow on the ottoman
          That gets thrown to the floor by kids... Cooling Hydrogel Breast Pads           'cause damn, it can hurt!
Humming, bubbling fis…

This Is My Motherhood: Mother's Day Inspired Writing Prompt

In honor of Mother's Day coming up on May 10th, I have decided to write a few blog post writing prompts to inspire other bloggers to write about their experiences of motherhood. If you are a dad blogger I'd like to invite you to write about your experiences with fatherhood and/or a post honoring the mothers in your life. Make sure to use the hashtags below so we can read your post!


The first writing prompt is a simple poem type format (although there is no real format, really) - let's call it a list type of format where you list the things that surround you right now that capture the stage of motherhood you are currently in. Here's mine.

You could be surrounded by baby clothes, kids toys and piles of dishes.

You could be surrounded by backpacks, homework and school books.

You could be surrounded by sports equipment, drivers permits and college applications.

You could be surrounded by your grandchildren's toys and …