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Is August Too Early To Get Excited For Christmas Time At Disneyland?

We are kinda Disney Freaks over here. I worked there right after I graduated from high school. In fact the day I started was the very next day after my Grad Night as a senior. I was exhausted during orientation to say the least. But it was an awesome summer job. I was an "Outdoor Vendor" so my job was to sell things from the little carts scattered throughout the park like churros, ice cream (the ice cream bike in Toontown was so much fun!), hot dogs, drinks and popcorn. Lots and lots of popcorn. I was also the person holding about a million Mickey Mouse balloons on Main Street.

Over the course of the summer I think I posed for about a thousand pictures with people from all over the world because they wanted to stand next to me holding the balloons. (BTW, "no you can not hold them yourself! Even for 'just' the photo!" LOL!) I also worked at all of the popcorn carts and sold glow sticks along the parade route back when it was The Electrical Light Parade and …

Why I'm Deleting Facebook The Day My Child Starts Kindergarten

Once upon a time there was a site called Friendster. Friendster was unique being the first social networking site. We thought we had struck gold. It was pretty cool because you could see all of your friends in one spot - online!  All hours of the day! Without having to send an email!

Soon Friendster had some friendly competition when along came Myspace. Everyone flocked to Myspace like he was the first guy in 10th grade who had his license and a car! It was hip. It was cool. All of your friends were there, all of their friends were there, you could post pictures, meet all sorts of new people from your friend's friends, you could discover cool music. It was like a college frat party on the internet.

Myspace got kinda big for it's britches and thought it was untouchable. Then I got a message on Myspace from a friend of mine who said, "You should try this new site called Facebook. You have to use your real name so it's not all overcrowded with a bunch of posers using fake…

My Ranty Facebook Post: I'm Taking A Sabbatical!

Here's one from the archives...

So those of you who know me know that I'm kinda crazy. For those of you who don't...well here ya go! A fresh batch full 'o crazy!:

This year for my birthday (it was yesterday) I have decided to give myself a very nice, very generous, very much needed, long overdue gift. Mostly because I forgot how old I was until my mom posted it yesterday (I'm 37. I mean seriously, how could I ever forget such an awesome age? IKR?! OMG! LOL!) and secondly my brain is about to explode due to overstimulation of mostly negative with a lil positive thrown in of mixed media, pop ups and ticker tapes moving a million miles a second and it needs to check out and do some creative stuff for a while.
I'm taking a sabbatical. It's not a "real" sabbatical of course since I'll still be working "my full-time, on call 24/7 job", but I'm taking a break from all of the other stuff - the mind numbing, superfluous brain waste of activi…