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Spreading Some Positivity, Love & Light Out Into The Universe

To all of the fabulous people who are reading this right now...yes, You especially. You ROCK btw. I mean like, you are seriously rad and unique and awesome. Let's put some POSITIVE ENERGY out into the world today, shall we? You have the power to spread happiness and positive energy.

But don't just post it or tweet it - BE IT!  Make the time to do something positive, say something positive and most importantly - believe that it can exist and feel it in your heart.

I'm incredibly disheartened by all of the negativity and hate-filled words I read on the internet every day. It just brings you down mentally, physically and emotionally. And honestly, it's not just the news about death and destruction. It's usually something one mother has said to another mother to argue their point and make her feel like she is a "bad mom" because they have different views and different parenting methods. I'm trying to teach my 4 year old that people's differences in t…

When Mama Isn't Ready For The Naps To Stop...Are We Ever?

It's ironic how kids never want to nap, and most of the parents I know would pay big money to be able to take a nap in the middle of the day.  Everyday!

Here is the method I used for getting my older toddler to continue taking daily naps because mama wasn't ready to give them up yet. My method is for children who will sleep "on the move" either in a car or in a stroller.

SIDE NOTE: My Big Girl is what my husband and I consider to be a Spirited Child and this is what worked for us to get her to wind-down. I say this not to label my child or make excuses for her or for me, but to offer hope in case you have a Spirited Child as well and are wondering if they will ever sleep in your lifetime. Gotta find what soothes them and run with it!

I was able to keep my older child napping daily for at least an hour+ til the middle/end of 3 years old.  She is going to be 5 years old very soon(GASP!!) and she will still fall asleep on occasion if we find ourselves in the car during &…

If you want to laugh til you pee your pants then read this.

Act II:

My friend Karina sent me this very funny article about pregnancy called, "Here's Some Of The Stuff You Won't Expect When You're Expecting" by Johanna Gohmann(link below) and I just read it and was laughing so hard I almost woke the teething baby who finally fell asleep after much fussing.

IKR?!Not cool!!  LOL!  So of course I had to share it with you. (Thanks Karina!)

If you've never had a baby and you laugh til you pee your pants I'll be impressed (and then I'll recommend an embarrassing exercise that can be done in line at the grocery store and none will be the wiser.) If you've had a baby or two, or three or 14 - (who knows, Octomom might read my blog you know in her spare time) and you laugh til you pee your pants I'll just say, "Yep.  Sucks don't it?" and hand you a panty liner and your membership pin. Cuz such is life after pushing a big thing out of that small thing. you know. And then I'll still recommend…

Top 10 Last-Minute Ways To Get Your Sexy Back By Valentine's Day

Need to get your sexy back right now and don't feel like you have the time?  Here's a list of Top 10 things you can try to get your groove back and celebrate like you did pre-kids! Remove all squeaky and musical toys from your bed.Haven't gotten around to loosing the baby weight or getting your highlights done? Light some candles. Flickering light makes everyone look good. Move the kids into their own rooms for the night. It's kinda hard to get your sexy back with a co-sleeping preschooler, a toddler sleeping sideways, a baby attached to your breast and your baby daddy on the floor.Forgot to take that pole dancing class at your gym? Watch some Motley Crue videos on YouTube and copy some moves.Don't have dinner reservations? Search “sexy foods” on Google and hope you have some of the ingredients in your fridge.Want to watch a romantic movie to get you in the mood? Pop in The Notebook. Ryan Gosling will do it every time! Just remember to wake up your man, who's sl…

Happy Thank You Day! Come Share Your Page!

Hey Friends, According to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, it's Thank You Day!  (But you knew that.)

"Thank you day is when we get to say Thank You to all of the people we love!" says Daniel Tiger.

What a sweet lil guy he is. So it's Thank You Day at My Tales From The Crib too!

I know a bunch of talented, creative people who are doing some really great stuff, so if this is you - as a Thank You to you, I'd love for you to please come share your page on our facebook page!

Add links to your blog, twitter, facebook page, website, etc. and tell us a little bit about it. I'll be picking one at random to feature on my mom's blog!  Please "like" our page to share yours.

Now let's share some love.

And Happy Thank You Day!

Your pal,

Can You Do It All? Do Super Parents Exist?

My husband and I are big fans of a funny parenting blog and facebook page called HowToBeADad. I'm sure you've heard of it. Charlie and Andy (The Dads) are very silly, creative, funny and witty and have even been accused of being heartfelt and touching from time to time. Even though they will try to convince you that they are purely an "entertainment blog!" But the love they have for their children and their wives is apparent in their writing and you can just tell that they have the utmost respect for their family. It shows in how they speak so highly of them. Honestly, as a women with a similar-minded hubby, I can fully appreciate and champion that sort of mutual love and respect a husband and wife share for their family and this is what keeps me coming back to their blog regularly. That and they have some super funny reader/commenters too. I've never been so thoroughly entertained by user comments before as I am with the funny folks who enjoy their blog/facebook…

Sibling Irony #3: Presents: Funny Kid Arguments. Toddler vs. Preschooler

My toddler is such an optimist. He's been walking around all day long saying, "it's almost Friday!"  Considering it was Monday, I didn't have the heart to correct him. Even though I don't think he even knows what "Monday" is.  So in typical toddler fashion - and if you know toddlers then you know what I'm talking about - he proceeded to spend the rest of the day telling everyone that it was, "almost Friday!"  And depending on how you look at it, he was right. It was almost Friday - in four days. Glass half full. I like that.

However, Big Sissy was growing tired of all of Baby Brother's "unnecessary" celebrating. Here's how it all went down. 
(SIDE NOTE: I'm trying to nip all of the excess fighting in the bud...but this particular argument was kinda funny so it was hard not to laugh while I was telling them to use their nice words with each other.) 

Baby Brother:“It's Almost Friday!”
Big Sissy:“No it isn't.”